Mio Moon

Size Guide

Mio Moon Clothing Sizes

Sizing information is for guidance only. For any queries about Requiem Collective sizes contact customer services.

How to measure

Keep the measuring tape comfortably loose.

  • Bust with your arms down at your side, slightly apart, measure around your body.
  • Chest Measure the circumference of your chest. Wrap it around (under your armpits, around your shoulder blades, and back to the front) to get the measurement.
  • Waist measure around your natural waistline.
  • Hips measure approximately 8" down from your natural waistline, at the fullest part of your body.
Ladies Floaty Tanks
Size Chest Width Length
S 30"(78cm) 15"(39cm) 25"(64cm)
M 43"(109cm) 21.5"(54cm) 26.5"(67cm)
L 35"(90cm) 17.5"(45cm) 26.5"(68cm)
XL 37.5"(76cm) 18.5"(48cm) 26.5"(68cm)
Razor Back T-Shirts
Size Chest Width Length
S 35"(88cm) 17"(43cm) 24"(60cm)
M 37"(93cm) 18"(45cm) 26"(66cm)
L 39"(99cm) 19"(48cm) 27"(68cm)
XL 41"(104cm) 21"(53cm) 28"(71cm)
Ladies Lightweight Hoodie
Size Chest Width Length
XS 34"(86cm) 16"(41cm) 25"(63cm)
S 37"(94cm) 18"(46cm) 26"(66cm)
M 41"(104cm) 20"(51cm) 27"(69cm)
L 45"(114cm) 22"(56cm) 28"(71cm)
XL 49"(125cm) 24"(61cm) 30"(76cm)
XXL 53"(135cm) 26"(66cm) 32"(81cm)