Pop Factory

Official Merch

Brought to you from the creator of David & Goliath, Todd Goldman; comes a brand that’s even funnier and more stupid than before – Pop Factory!

Pop Factory creates unapologetically stupid stuff for people who refuse to take life too seriously. With colour, humour and fun at the core of every product and illustration, Pop Factory’s motto is well, they don’t really have a motto. But they do try to have fun and make people laugh, is that a motto?

The mind and hands behind the irreverent humour of Pop Factory, Todd Goldman, is a world-renowned pop culture artist who has published his designs in Fine Art Galleries, worked with Disney to produce animated Movies and TV series and published more than 40 different books across the globe.

Our Pop Factory collection fuses stupidity, hilarity and immensely cute illustrations across a broad range of apparel, accessories, drinkware, gifting and homeware products.

So, whether you want to tell a nerd or a vegan that you love them, entice people to come to the darkside with freshly baked cookies, tell a cat lady she smells like broccoli or you simply want to brighten somebody’s day with ridiculously stupid humour, Pop Factory has the perfect product for you.