Secret Santa gift ideas for co-workers this Xmas

Funny, rude & budget friendly gift inspiration.

It's that time of year again, the work secret Santa. Wow, it really creeps up on you! Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift for your boss, the office comedian or your work bestie, we have got you covered with our secret Santa top picks.

  • 1. F**kboy Stress Toy

    Did you draw the office stress head in this year's Secret Santa? Give them a giggle and help them relax with this cute F**kboy stress toy!

  • 2. Mini Plant Pot Attenborough Explorers

    The office geek is a staple in any workplace, if you are their Secret Santa this year then look no further than these brilliant Mini Plant Pot Attenborough Explorers to protect their plants.

  • 3. Dirty Bitch Soap

    Let's face it… all workplaces have one! Let them know they are a 'Dirty Bitch' with this hilarious block of soap which is sure to go down a treat with your well deserving colleague.

  • 4. Muther Fluffer Bar Blade Bottle Opener

    If there's one person who likes to drink a bit more than everyone else at work then this novelty bar blade bottle opener will be a fun surprise!

  • 5. Pop Factory Not A Morning Person Coaster

    Do they struggle to fully wake up before lunch time? Make sure the team knows not to expect much from them in the morning with this cute 'Not A Morning Person'’' coaster from Pop Factory.

  • 6. Out of Office Black Beanie

    Got a colleague who spends more time out of the office than in it? Forget their email signature; they can now wear their status loud and proud with this funny monochrome beanie declaring to the world that they are officially 'out of office'.

  • 7. Pop Factory Ray of Fucking Sunshine Enamel Mug

    We have the perfect present for the office Grinch! Who knows… they may even crack a smile. Gift them this hilarious 'Ray of Fucking Sunshine' mug and gain top Secret Santa status this year.

  • 8. Psycho Penguin Merry Kiss My Ass Greet Tin Card

    Say it how it is with this tongue in cheek 'Merry Kiss My Ass' greet tin card from Psycho Penguin. A festive way to deliver the message you have been longing to send!

  • 9. Small Dick Energy Orange Neon Mug

    Is someone at work giving off some serious small dick energy? Let them know via the medium of Secret Santa with this funny bright orange neon mug!