Cute Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

Unique Home Accessories for plant people

Are you or a friend obsessed with plants? Get those green fingers at the ready and delve into our list of cute gift ideas for plant lovers, starting at only £3.99.

  • 1. Framed Spooky Cat Plant Destroyer Mirrored Tin Sign

    Being a plant parent and cat parent are often things that go hand in hand and yet create a bitter battle between the obstinate feline and the inexorable need to keep your succulents and cacti safe. Spooky Cat, as you may have guessed, loves plants but as seen in this glorious mirrored tin sign, he loves attention even more…

  • 2. Little Pots Of Prickles Enamel Mug

    This gorgeous enamel mug features a line-up of delightful looking cacti in their colourful pots, providing oxygen and boosting your serotonin levels. Grab yourself a cup of tea, coffee or whatever your drink of choice may be and relax in the company of your plant friends. Alternatively, you could always give an actual cactus a home in this, if you so wish!

  • 3. Pentagram Cauldron Plant Pot

    While light is pretty vital to the growing of plants, there's nothing wrong with injecting some darkness into the practise. This cute cauldron shaped plant pot, with it's pentagram design, is ideal for making your plant collection stand out a bit more. Just check that it's not accidentally summoning little plant demons every so often!

  • 4. Magical Mushrooms Still Growing 4 Piece Coaster Set

    Enjoying plants and horticulture doesn't have to be limited to house plants, as this gorgeous 4 piece coaster set shows. The beauty of the natural world can be found out there too, whether it is bright toadstools in the forest or bluebells in your garden. These are the perfect addition to any nature lovers home and will give you that much needed well-being boost.

  • 5. Deadly Tarot Felis The Sun Sky Blue Cushion

    A well-kept garden, especially with sunflowers, is the perfect place for a snooze. If you prefer the comfort of keeping your greenery strictly indoors, then this delightful blue cushion is the perfect way to sit and relax at home. Snuggle up on the sofa with this cushion while you natter away to your plant babies. Hey, if it's good enough for the Royals…

  • 6. Triple Moon Cauldron Plant Pot

    Plants have long been linked with the moon and lunar cycles and this little cauldron plant pot can bring that connection to your home. If you have a passion for all things gothic but also love the effects of plants on your well-being and mood then this is the plant accessory for you.

  • 7. Spooky Cat Wiccan Botany Small Rectangular Chopping Board

    If you are growing plants to provide ingredients for your Wiccan botany, then this chopping board may well be up your boulevard. Spooky Cat has even got a jump on grinding them up in his pestle and mortar for you which is suspiciously nice of them… Maybe they're just happy you'll be able to focus all your attention on them now your plants are gone. Wait, what do you mean you’re getting more?

  • 8. Herbal Witch Mini Black Notebook

    Sometimes it's hard to keep track of which plants need watering when and how much of a succulent you need for your witches brew but now this handy little pocket notebook can change all that. Easy to keep with you wherever you go, it can take your plant parenting skills to the next level and ensure that they don't wilt on you ever again.

  • 9. Alchemy Pentagram Gothic Hanging Decoration

    Loving your indoor plants is as much about decoration as it is for the well-being benefits and this pentagram hanging decoration is the perfect complement to the plants themselves. A unique approach to framing your plant babies on a shelf or windowsill, it will enhance your gothic credentials. Draw the eye of anyone who enters your home and highlight your excellent plant parenting skills.