Be loud and proud with our top LGBTQ gifts!

Show your support with gay pride essentials

Take a look at our range of apparel and accessories devoted to the LGBTQ+ community and grab yourself or a loved one a treat from as little as £1.00. Love is love!

  • 1. LGBTQ Vinyl Sticker Set

    This wonderfully vibrant sticker set is a great and easy way to do pride right! Whether you’re heading out to your first pride march or you’re looking for a little gift for your gay best friend, this set is ideal.

  • 2. Progress Pride Mug

    If you’re looking for something to give to the gay person who has everything, then why not give them the ability to enjoy a warming hot drink while celebrating the progress pride flag? Featuring bars on the hoist to represent people of colour, Trans and non-binary members, it shows just how inclusive the LGBTQ+ community has become.

  • 3. Rainbow Pride Enamel Pin Badge

    Love is love and this cute rainbow enamel pin badge is a tiny but constant reminder that you can love whoever you want. Fill your life with love this pride season and take to the streets for parades or celebrate your own way, all while bearing this pin proudly.

  • 4. Queer For Beer Bar Blade Bottle Opener

    blade goes a step further than most and will help you not so subtly announce your love of beer and your place in the LGBTQ+ community.
  • 5. Come To The Gay Side Enamel Mug

    stronger. Why fit in when you were born to stand out!
  • 6. LGBT-Rex White Boxy Crop Top

    This happy Tyrannosaurus is a proud member of the LGBT-rex community and wants everyone to know it. If, like them, you want to shout your true self from the rooftops then this colourful boxy crop top is for you!

  • 7. Woke Up Gay Again Yellow Neon Mug

    If you ever come around from a nap doubting your sexuality then remind yourself just how gay you are with this hilarious neon mug! Reassuring you that you have ‘Woke Up Gay Again’, this novelty mug will kick start your day with a splash of humour.

  • 8. Sounds Gay I'm In Pink Cushion

    Brought to you in the brightest and frankly dazzling colour scheme, this cushion is your way to say, Sounds gay, I’m in! This home accessory is as camp as they come and a fun gift for anyone who likes to embrace anything that sounds remotely gay!

  • 9. If You Can't Love Yourself Orange Pride Tote Bag

    It’s time to strut your stuff and take this gorgeous orange tote bag on your adventures. Emblazoned with the rainbow flag and an iconic drag queen quote, you’ll be the talk of the parade (or supermarket)!

  • 10. LGBTQ 4 Piece Coaster Set

    Pride marches aren’t for everyone so if you and your friends prefer to stay home and celebrate, then why not get this set of awesome LGBTQ coasters and grab a brew. Featuring the designs 'Mood: Gay & Tired, Sounds Gay I'm In, Let's Get One Thing Straight I'm Not and Come To The Gay Side We Have Rainbows', they’re sure to add a sense of pride to your home.