Witchy Wardrobe Essentials SS19

Enchanting & Magical Picks from The Occult

Despite the days becoming longer and the night sky retreating, Witches everywhere power on through into Spring 2019. Being a witch in the modern world can be difficult, but wonders from the Occult can be found even in the strangest of places…

Witches of the modern age pride themselves on their immaculate and mesmerising appearance, often using their bewitching beauty to their advantage… The Coven of Grindstore aim to keep every witch and wizard content, right down to the little details. Step out from the shadows in style this season with new attire, impressive designs, and mystical accessories.

Brew up a cosy potion and take a breather from throwing hexes and casting spells, it’s time to give yourself and your wardrobe a supernatural update….

  • 1. We Are The Weirdos Mister Pentagram Ladies Black Crop Top

    If your coven needs no protection, this symbolic cropped t-shirt will fit perfectly within your gothic gear. Take a leaf out of our spell-book and ward off unwanted attention – after all, we ARE the weirdos, mister.

  • 2. Creature Of The Night Ladies Black Tank Mini Dress

    Dripping with the blood of your enemies, this bodycon dress will help you unleash your inner Creature of the Night. Finished off with demonic symbols and an inverted pentagram, this LBD ticks all the Witchy boxes.

  • 3. Banned All Seeing Eye Handbag With Tassel Zip

    With a spiritual symbol of the all seeing eye, adorned with two Leviathan Crosses, let Satan’s powers flow through your look with this beautiful bag from Banned. Perfect for dressing up for the night and down for the day.

  • 4. Ouija Board Black Tote Bag

    Stay connected to the Other Side with this Ouija board inspired tote bag. Covered in magical elements and designed to empower and enchant, this monochromatic accessory is ideal for everyday witchy adventures.

  • 5. Unlucky Black Cat Ladies Razor Back Black T-Shirt

    Every aspiring witch needs an animal familiar, and most wise witches choose the company of a black cat. Decorated with pentagrams, crescent moons and traditional tattoos, this prowling feline design is the good luck charm your gothic wardrobe needs.

  • 6. Goat Skull Pentagram Ladies Black Crop Top

    Straight from the heart of the darkest curses, pairing two goat skulls is known to unleash their supernatural properties… Resulting in one fierce fashion statement! For the Bad Witches among us, this crop top is an effortless go-to look.

  • 7. Witch Dark Grey Acid Wash Crop Top

    Written with enchanted branches from a magical forest, the word WITCH is displayed proudly on this loose-fitting cropped tee. On a mottled, acid-wash grey fabric, and oozing with dark magic. Bring your love for Wicca into the everyday with this versatile garment.

  • 8. White Witch Ladies Black Oversized Hoodie

    For those days when casting a warming enchantment seems like hard work, this oversized black hoodie is the perfect snuggly alternative. Complete with spell book and candles, framed within a crescent moon, this stunning sorceress will keep you safe and toasty.

  • 9. Jawbreaker Astrology Bucket Bag

    Harness the power of the stars with this stunning bag from Jawbreaker. Dotted in constellations and finished off with faux leather tassels, this versatile bag is perfect for potions, trinkets and everyday essentials.