Our Top 12 Gift Ideas for Witches

Magical presents for the witch in your life

Can you feel that? There's a whisper of magic in the air... If you (or your loving pals) find yourself drawn to the mystical charms of the occult, this handy list is just for you!

Chock full of magical artefacts and enchanted goodies, there's no better gifts to give your witch-y pals - after all, you never know what hexes they might throw at you if you give them (another) pair of generic slipper socks...

  • 1. Ouija 4 Piece Coaster Set

    Getting in touch with the other side has never been easier! Up your occult vibes with this eerily gothic coaster set - perfect for offering a brew to your ghostly buddies - aww, how kind.

  • 2. White Witch Cauldron Mug

    White is the new black! If powerful cleansing spells and heart-warming charms are more your boat, this mug is the ideal addition to your mystical collection. Potion (or cuppa) brewing has never been so stylish...

  • 3. We Are The Weirdos Mister Ouija Black Tote Bag

    Every witch needs a place to keep her grimoire (or packed lunch) - Ouija to the rescue! A great way to embrace your role as one of the 'weirdos', this mystical bag will keep all your tools safe and ready for action.

  • 4. Kitchen Witch Circular Glass Chopping Board

    Who says your witchin' needs to stay out of the kitchen? If you or your pals have a magical touch when it comes to all things culinary, this chopping board will be right at home on your kitchen counter. Hubble bubble, toil and trouble... time to make some delish dishes...

  • 5. Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight Ladies Black Crop Top

    Sunlight is for day dwellers - if you do your best magick under the cover of night surrounded by the calming sounds of the wind, rain and errant vampires, this stylish crop will make a fabulously gothic addition to your wardrobe.

  • 6. 12 Magic Spell Candles - Love

    If your spell casting needs a powerful boost, these striking red candles are here to lend a hand (or wick, in this case). Perfect for enhancing your love spells, these candles will infuse your magic with passion and power - key ingredients in the spell work of any witch!

  • 7. Ouija Board Black Rectangular Cushion

    Just like a real spirit board, this plush cushion will have you feeling the presence of the undead - in the best way possible! The perfect way to enhance your gothic witch aesthetic, this Ouija pillow will look great in any room.

  • 8. Witch Vibes Ladies Black Crop Top

    Add a splash of colour to your witches garb with this cute crop! The perfect blend of pastel and potions, this mystical design is perfect for any budding sorceress.

  • 9. Black Cat Club Tin Sign

    A witch is nothing without her familiar! Imbued with magic and empowered by elements unknown, black cats have been revered throughout history as having unearthly power. Why not sway luck in your favour with the help of this fiercely loyal kitty.

  • 10. Triple Moon Pentacle Altar Cloth - 65cm x 65cm

    Upgrade the look of your spell altar with the help of this enchanted cloth! Inscribed with the symbol of the goddess, the Triple Moon, this cloth will help you tune into the ethereal power of her three states, the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.

  • 11. Lucky Black Cat Ornament

    If fierce and frightening isn't your thing, look no further! Plump and oh-so adorable, this lucky little ornament will lend you the power of a dark familiar with none of the 'spooky'. Awww...

  • 12. Spells & Potions Black A5 Hard Cover Notebook

    A grimoire is a powerful tool and as every witch knows, finding the perfect spell book is a real challenge! Worry no more - decorated with a stylish monochrome design, this handy little notebook is a great place to store your most powerful spells and recipes. Just make sure you chant a charm of protection, prying eyes are everywhere...