Our Vegan Starter Kit for January

Embrace a new lifestyle with our Vegan shopping list

Christmas is behind us, and with the New Year comes January… cold, long and boring. But does it have to be? This year the Grindstore team is supporting the Veganuary initiative - after all, what better way to spice up your January, do your bit for our animal pals and help the environment? It's a win-win!

If you're ready to dodge the dairy, replace your meat with fruit and veggies and embrace the vegan lifestyle this month, why not style out your look with some awesome vegan merch? From people-dodgers to pun lovers, we have something for everyone this January!

  • 1. Hail Seitan Black Tote Bag

    Move over Satan, Seitan is the new dark god on the block (and this one makes an array of delicious vegan dishes)! There's no better way to blend your gothic aesthetic and your dietary choices than a super stylish tote bag, and with the blessing of the horned god this bag makes a great accessory for shopping, school books or uni work… all hail seitan!

  • 2. My Kind Of Pig In A Blanket Vegan Vegetarian Small Tin Sign

    There's nothing adorable about a sausage wrapped in bacon, but a pig in a blanket? Now that's our kind of treat! Great for animal-whisperers with a passion for veganism, this little piggie will have your home imbued with vegan vibes in no time – because let's face it, who could resist that sweet little face?

  • 3. Vegan AF Patch

    If you can't get enough of our vegan-powered accessories, then it's time to take it a step further and customise your goodies! Take your veganism to a whole new level and become ‘Vegan AF' with this hard-core patch, great for attaching to jackets or bags. It's time to share your environmentally friendly AF philosophy with the world!

  • 4. Hate People Love Animals Ladies Vegan Premium Black T-Shirt

    Ew, people… why have human friends when you can join forces with the animals? If you're passionate about our furry friends (and their welfare) but strive to maintain your fierce alternative vibes, this tee is just for you! With traditional gothic imagery in the form of skulls and a pentagram, there's no better way to speak up for those without a voice.

  • 5. Vegan & Proud Badge Pack

    If you're proud of your vegan ideals (and why wouldn't you be? You rock!), then this cute set of badges is a great way to incorporate your pride into your day to day look. With a tasty watermelon (always a vegan recipe for success) and cheeky puns abound, this set is perfect for anyone who prefers a subtle style statement!

  • 6. Vegan Bitch Latte Mug

    Sometimes the only way to get your point across is to be a ‘vegan bitch' – we get it. If passive-aggressive is just your thing, this mug is a great way to promote your plant-based diet and rock your ethical superiority… all in a minimalist black and white style. You go girl!

  • 7. Animals Are Not Ingredients Glass Chopping Board

    Animals are friends, not ingredients! If you're as passionate as we are about protecting our furry (and not-so-furry) animal pals, then this chopping board will be right up your street. Vegan bonus; there's no need for colour coding your kitchenware when you're only cutting fruits and veggies… be gone, raw meat cutting boards!

  • 8. Plant Based Princess Ladies Short Pyjama Set

    Who says you can't be vegan and extra AF? If you're all about that plant fuelled diva life, there's no better way to share your royal outlook than via a stylish PJ set. Grab that crown, it's time to start a loungewear revolution, vegan style!

  • 9. Vegan I'll Be There For The Animals Ladies Oversized Black Hoodie

    We may have mentioned before that human friends are overrated – but that doesn't mean you can't hum that catchy theme tune as you add to your list of animal pals with this toasty hoodie! Plant-based diet, animal-based friends… simple!

  • 10. Post Meat Generation Vegan Vegetarian Men's White T-Shirt

    The future is now! With so many meat alternatives, is it any wonder that we can call ourselves the post meat generation? If you're ready to say goodbye to farmed meat and join the vegan revolution, grab this shirt and bring your most animal-friendly attitude.

  • 11. Vegan For The Animals Red Inner 2-Tone Mug

    Great for the environment, great for you, great for animals… what are you waiting for? Own those inspirational ethics and share them with the world via this eye-catching mug! Perfect for any passionate vegan, it informs the world of your noble cause - life has never been more veggie-licious!

  • 12. Tofu Is My Waifu Vegan Vegetarian Ladies White Crop Top

    Forget falling in love with fictional characters; make tofu your waifu with this cute white crop top. A versatile ingredient with many health benefits, tofu is a thing of wonder for any vegan. With its cute style and adorable illustration, this top will ensure you're fuelled by plants and kawaii style!