New Vegan T-Shirts and Accessories Launched for Summer 2019!

Hardcore and Alternative Fashion Made for Vegans

The future is cruelty free, and we couldn’t be happier to spread the word. Say hello to your new wardrobe options! Whether you want to tell the world about your cruelty free lifestyle or just want to sport a very catchy (and very true) slogan, we have you covered.

People hater? No problem. Pizza lover? Awesome. Hardcore AF? Radical. There’s something for everyone here, so what are you waiting for? Preach it people! Check out our full range of Vegan gifts and clothing!

  • 1. Hate People Love Animals Ladies Vegan Premium Black T-Shirt

    Those pesky people – they’re everywhere, doing those people things. Animals are a much better alternative – no complaining, no annoying laughs and most importantly all the affection with none of the talking. What more could you possibly ask for? Show your dedication to those without a voice with this tee, and look very chic sporting a skull aesthetic in the process.

  • 2. Hardcore Vegan Men's Black Full Zip Hoodie

    Sometimes people just don’t understand how strongly you feel about stopping animal cruelty, we get it. What better way to get them to open their eyes than this hard-as-nails hoodie? The easiest way to show how passionate you are is to tell them, after all… and you may as well look awesomely gothic at the same time. Go hard, or go home.

  • 3. Vegan For Life Roar Men's Heather Black Denim T-Shirt

    You know who else rocks a plant-based diet? Our pals the gorillas. By that standard, what better way to spread the message than to electrify your style with this friendly looking ape? Perfect for all the animal lovers out there ready to take the vegan vow.

  • 4. 'Humane' Meat Is An Oxymoron Vegetarian Men's Black T-Shirt

    Feeling woke? Look no further. Sometimes the only way to get a message across is to call someone an (oxy) moron, and this tee is the simple no-arguments way to do just that. Now get out there and spread the literary truth!

  • 5. Real Men Are Kind To Animals Mint Green Tote Bag

    Forget about that fancy new aftershave gentlemen – kindness to animals is the new pre-date primer (but keep the aftershave too – maybe a breath mint). Whether you’re a lady looking to attract the right man (or perhaps you’ve already found him, you lucky thing!), or a guy looking to advertise your best qualities, this ‘tote’-ally cute piggie bag is perfect to promote the animal friendly lifestyle and maybe score a date in the process – win win!

  • 6. Love Peace & Vegan Pizza Ladies Steel Grey Floaty Tank

    Ah (vegan) pizza… we love you so. Oh, and love and peace are pretty awesome too. Sporting a ‘peace’ of pizza, this tank top is not only cruelty free, but also carb free – winner winner plant-based dinner.