Unusual ornaments for the home

Alternative & Gothic ornaments for your living room

If, like us, your wardrobe is already perfectly kitted out with all the black clothes you could possibly need, it's time to style out your living space instead.

We've put together a list of strange and unusual ornaments which will look perfect in your gothic living room and beyond.

So come mortals, let us take a look at these mystical artefacts and curiosities…

  • 1. Together Forever Wedding Skull Ornament

    True love lasts beyond the grave! The perfect way to immortalise your love for your soulmate, this spooky skull decoration will bring a touch of dark matrimony to any room and is perfect for bolstering your gothic vibes. An otherworldly addition to any mantelpiece.

  • 2. Black Wing Dragon Ornament

    Fearsome and intimidating, this black dragon will guard your living room against gold thieves and any unsuspecting guests… all whilst complimenting your dark and mysterious home. A great choice for anyone with a passion for fantasy and adventure, this draconic ornament makes a great conversation piece.

  • 3. Anne Stokes Gothic Prayer Wall Plaque

    Anne Stokes' gorgeous art is a staple of all gothic décor, and she doesn't let us down with this striking prayer plaque. With an ominous monochrome style, this unearthly ornament brings the strength of a powerful deity (which one, we can't say…) into your home, rosary beads and all.

  • 4. Floral Wilderness Large Wall Ornament

    Decorate your room in classic western style with this iconic cow skull ornament. With a hint of pastel goth, this spine-chilling skull blooms with a garden of flora, making a great addition to any budding florists décor.

  • 5. Three Wise Felines

    Calling all cat lovers, this one is for you! With three black kitties, one sightless, one deaf and one meow-less, this tongue in cheek take on ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' is full of meaning and looks great to boot – a great gift for anyone who doesn't believe black cats are bad luck (they're too sweet for that!).

  • 6. Edgar's Raven Skull Ornaments

    A must have for literature buffs, this macabre raven skull is embossed with the words of Edgar Allan Poe, master of the obscure and frightening. With a touch of steampunk influence, this old-world ornament will look great in any bedroom or living room.