Our ultimate gifts for tattoo lovers

Tattoo inspired homeware & accessories

Your body is a canvas, so why not grab the paint?

If you love nothing more than adding to your stylish collection of tattoos, this fabulous list of inked goodies is sure to tickle your fancy.

Whether you're a fan of traditional tattoos or prefer new-age nerdy ink, we have something for everyone - so let's take a gander…

  • 1. Addicted To Ink Black Inner 2-Tone Mug

    Any inked individual will tell you that there’s nothing like a fresh tattoo to scratch that addictive itch! If you find yourself ‘Addicted to Ink’ this stylish mug will make a great pick for your morning coffee break.

  • 2. Pretty In Ink Ladies White Razor Back T-Shirt

    You don't have to wear pink to look pretty! Great for any tattooed goddess, this floral tee is sure to pair perfectly with your feminine tattoo inspired style. Rock on!

  • 3. Palmistry Tattoo Trinket Box - True Love

    Look into the future and use your palmistry powers to select your next design with the help of this unique trinket box. The perfect place to store your favourite keepsakes, you'll be rocking the psychic look in no time.

  • 4. Get Inked Or Die Naked Men's Black T-Shirt

    Without ink you're doomed to 'die naked'! After all, if covering your body in awesome tattoo designs saves you from the ultimate immodesty and sees you looking fabulous in the meantime, it's a no-brainer.

  • 5. Inked Girls Do It Better Cream A5 Hard Cover Notebook

    Inked girls do it best! If you're never short of inky ideas this unique notebook is sure to make a great place to doodle down your future tattoo designs (or scribble down your memos and shopping lists, if that's your thing).

  • 6. Nope Heart Patch

    Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the correct answer… not so with the help of this quirky patch! Perfect for any pessimist with a passion for ink, this patch is sure to look great paired with your fav jacket or bag.

  • 7. I Love Ink Black Tattoo Mug

    Simple, straight to the point and oh-so true. Get your sentiment across to anyone in the vicinity with this classic mug, which features the phrase 'I love Ink'. Any true body art devotee knows the power of minimalism, after all.

  • 8. Nerdy Dirty Inked & Curvy Ladies Short Pyjama Set

    Own your reputation and embrace your title as a 'Nerdy, Dirty, Inked & Curvy' individual with this fabulously gothic PJ set. Great for any unashamed tattoo addict, these pyjamas guarantee that you'll be the coolest person in any room.

  • 9. Black and White Traditional Tribal Tattoo Fund Skull

    Ink doesn't come cheap! If you're saving pennies for the next instalment of your sleeve, then this quirky money bank is sure to make a welcome addition to your home. With a promise to protect your hard earned cash to the grave and beyond, it's not to be taken lightly…

  • 10. Traditional Tattoos - 4 Piece Coaster Set

    Who says your tattoo collection has to be limited to your own skin? Add a dash of traditional style to any room with the help of these iconic coasters. Take that, boring room décor!

  • 11. Tattoo Collector Red Inner 2-Tone Mug

    Gotta collect 'em all! If you live for the anticipation of your next tatt, this quirky mug is sure to make a fun addition to your kitchen cupboards.

  • 12. Sorry Mom Patch

    Sorry Mom! Expunge yourself of any tattoo guilt and keep a running apology to your mum on your person at all times with this cheeky patch. Themed around a traditional heart design, this unique accessory will see you redeemed in no time!