Must-Have Alternative Summer Crop Tops

Be summer ready with our selection of crops

Dust off your sunglasses and get your summer wardrobe out of storage - British Summer time has begun, and we're definitely ready for some hot weather (Ha, we'd be lucky…)

If strappy vest tops turn you off and if summer dresses are far too 'girly', then the answer to all your problems is a crop top. A holiday outfit staple, our lightweight and breezy t-shirts keep you cool (in all senses of the word *cringe*).

From lazy days in the garden and chilled evenings down the pub, to road trips to the beach and festivals in fields, just throw on a tee, shorts (and sun cream) and you're ready.

If your warm-weather attire is lacking that je-ne-sais-quoi that only a Grindstore classic can provide, then scroll on - we've done the hard work for you. Check out our top 9 crop tops for 2019…

  • 1. Rockin' Ladies White Crop Top

    Perfect for festivals & gigs, this white tee will keep you cool in the blazing heat, whilst maintaining your hard-as-nails attitude. Ideal for ladies who take their metal very seriously (and to the grave).

  • 2. Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight Grey Acid Wash Oversized Cropped T-Shirt

    Just because it's summer, doesn't mean you have to go sunbathing. Some of us prefer to dwell in the dark. Sound familiar? Featuring an acid-wash finish, this top is an essential for those who don't care about that sun-kissed tan. Avoid the sunburns and let bystanders know just where you want to be.

  • 3. Save The Bees Ladies Grey Crop Top

    It's all over the news, the bees are disappearing. If you're as concerned as we are, then why not use the summer season to spread this incredibly important message? This crop top features a bumblebee, possibly the cutest bee - and one of the most under threat in the UK. Buzzzzz…

  • 4. Emotional AF Ladies Black Crop Top

    Feeling a little emotional this season? That's ok, we have tissues on hand and a crop top just for you. Sometimes it's best to let people know that you're feeling a bit emosh ahead of time, just to avoid any potentially awkward social situations…

  • 5. Goth Cake Teal Acid Wash Crop Top

    Ah cake, you help us drown our sorrows and celebrate our greatest achievements (even if it's just getting a year older). This acid wash crop combines our love for dessert delicacies with all things pastel-goth, making one confusingly delicious t-shirt.

  • 6. Satan Made Me Do It Ladies Black Crop Top

    Sometimes you just need to pass the blame. That's ok, we've got you covered, no deals with the Devil necessary. This red hot crop is a great excuse and a totally metal design all rolled into one. What are you waiting for? Go get into some mischief!

  • 7. Don't Care Ladies Heather Grey Crop Top

    Do you ever just want people to shut up? We definitely relate. This sweet little crop top may look like sunshine and rainbows, but the epitaph tells the real story - you just really don't care. Turn your constant inner monologue into an awesome style choice.

  • 8. Psycho Penguin Psychos Need Hugs Too Ladies Berry Acid Wash Crop Top

    It's true you know, psychos need hugs too. It's easy to forget that your crowbar wielding ways hide a soft squishy centre, and sometimes people need a reminder. Well here it is. Now go out there and get cuddles!

  • 9. Overthinking & Hungry Ladies White Crop Top

    Let's be honest - food is life. So when you don't have it, things can be rough. The 'hanger' sets in, the overthinking begins, and the inner fire sparks to life... Well, prevention is the best cure- and this crop will warn people that letting you go hungry is not a good idea. Actually, maybe go grab a snack now…