Stranger Things x Halloween

Make this Halloween stranger than any other!

Whether you’re looking to deck your house out in 80’s inspired wall art to transport your visitors to Hawkins this Halloween or you simply want to dress up as Eddie or Dustin, we have a huge range of clothing, wall art and accessories that will be ideal for spook night.

  • 1. Stranger Things Hellfire Club Crest Men's Longsleeve T-Shirt

    Dress like your favourites Dustin, Mike and Eddie wearing this epic Hellfire Club long sleeve t-shirt this Halloween and pray to the gods you get a nat 20. Official merchandise.

  • 2. Stranger Things Logo Red Coloured Inner Mug

    Fancy a Netflix binge this Halloween? If you plan on re-watching as much Stranger Things as possible then you will need to keep topped up on tea and coffee, making this show logo mug a must have! Official merchandise.

  • 3. Stranger Things Thinking Cap Blue Trucker Cap

    Grab this 'Thinking Cap' if you plan on dressing up as Dustin this Halloween, it will help you on your quest to solve the latest paranormal goings on in Hawkins! Official merchandise.

  • 4. Stranger Things Vecna Men's Black T-shirt

    Evil is not an absence of good. It is not a choice! Embrace true evil with this chilling shirt from Stranger Things, featuring the gruesome face of the Lich antagonist Vecna. Prepare to scare this Halloween. Official merchandise.

  • 5. Stranger Things 4 Hellfire Club Rock God Poster

    Celebrate the rock god of Hawkins, Eddie Munson, with this epic poster from Stranger Things! Grab your guitar, tune it in and let those demo-bats have it with an ear splitting riff this spook night! Official merchandise.

  • 6. Stranger Things Upside Down Logo Soup and Snack Mug

    Prepare to turn your portable snack eating experience Upside Down! If you're out trick or treating then you will need warming up and what better way to do this than with a lovely hot soup from this Stranger Things mug! Official merchandise.

  • 7. Stranger Things Hellfire Club Logo Men's Black T-Shirt

    Get those d20's ready to roll this Halloween wearing this epic tee from Stranger Things. Inspired by the now iconic Hellfire Club, this t-shirt will transform you into a member of the most rad club in Hawkins in no time. Official merchandise.

  • 8. Stranger Things 4 Hellfire Club Black Mug

    Dice don't lie… neither do friends! Roll for your life with this novelty black mug and become a member of the Hellfire Club this Halloween. Official merchandise.

  • 9. Stranger Things Game Over Door Poster

    A great way to turn the door to your room into a time travelling portal, this distressed effect poster features Mike, Dustin, Wil, Lucas, Steve, Robin, Max and Erica & will allow your party guests to head back to the 80's this Halloween. Official merchandise.

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