Our Feckin’ Favourite St Patrick’s Day Picks

Party hard the Irish way this St Paddy’s Day!

The Feast of Saint Patrick is nearing, and here at Grindstore HQ we’ve been mentally and physically preparing since the last time we got a little bit sloshed…

Celebrated in more countries than any other national festival, there really ain’t no party like a St Patrick’s Day party. So throw yourself into the celebrations this year and release your inner Irish, it’s about time the beers were cracked open!

Wherever you’re headed this St Patrick’s Day, make sure you’re kitted out accordingly. Shamrocks, horse shoes, leprechauns and GREEN are must-have essentials for any Paddy’s Day party. Check out our favourite pieces to get you in the celebrating mood!

  • 1. St Patrick's Day Shake Your Shamrocks Ladies Green T-Shirt

    After a couple of drinks, we’re all partial to a little shimmy! This cheeky green t-shirt sees two perky Shamrock leaves strategically placed over your lady lumps – oh so naughty, and perfect for all shenanigans!

  • 2. St Patrick's Day Luck O' The Irish Frosted Glass Mason Jar

    Go hard or go home! Get in the spirit of things, right down to your drinking kit! Covered in shamrocks and horseshoes, not only will your day be filled with good luck, but you may also win ‘best beverage’ at the bash.

  • 3. St Patrick's Day Lucky Skull Men's Long Sleeved T-Shirt

    Darken up the celebrations with a touch of classic goth-ness. Taking the macabre form of a skull, these shamrocks have come together to let you express your true self this St Patrick’s Day! A winning combo for any alternative partier.

  • 4. St Patrick's Day I Like My Men Irish Green Neon Mug

    Maybe it’s the accent, or their majestic red hair, but there is definitely something about an Irishman that sends some folks into a frenzy. Spice up your morning coffee and your love life with this bold and brash mug!

  • 5. St Patrick's Day Drinks Well With Others Men's White T-Shirt

    If there’s only one thing you do well, it’s drinking with others. Be sure to make loads of new friends down the pub this year when you strut in rocking this legendary t-shirt. Featuring a tasty tankard of tipple, no other t-shirt will do for the ideal St Patrick’s Day get-together.

  • 6. St Patrick's Day Thanks For Helping Me Home Ladies Teal Acid Wash Crop Top

    There’s only one plan this Paddy’s Day: get drunk and party hard with your top notch mates. So get super-organised and thank them in advance for their support in ensuring you get home safe and sound (ready to nurse that nasty hangover!)

  • 7. Leprechaun Dab Men's White T-Shirt

    Bringing the true spirit of Ireland to life, this fun and oh-so-trendy leprechaun is partaking in one of the best dances ever – the iconic dab! Get up to all kinds of mischief in this awesome t-shirt, fit for only the truest of legends.

  • 8. Feck It Men's Green Hoodie

    Even if the weather takes a turn for the worst, stay true to the green roots with this cheeky slogan hoodie! Have everyone shouting FECK IT at the top of their lungs in classic drunken fashion.

  • 9. Cheeky Leprechaun Men's White Sub T-Shirt

    Have everyone believe that you are in fact an Irish leprechaun this year, with this uncanny costume t-shirt. Pint in hand, his glorious beard co-ordinating with his striped socks, this is one dapper gentleman!