NEW! Small Tin Signs only £2.99!

Share the love with our quirky postcard-sized gifts!

We’ve all been there… Someone in your life has done something totally awesome, and there doesn’t seem to be a card or gift worthy enough. The greetings cards in the local supermarket are old tat, filled with the same old jokes and awfully slushy motifs. Sigh.

Now, imagine you could gift that special someone a piece of artwork that will actually stand the test of time. Say adieu to cards made of actual card (that is sooo 1982) and check out our perfect postcard-sized Tin Signs! Made from metal, these small artworks are hard-wearing with a glossy finish, meaning the design stays perfect for aaaaages. Ideal for popping on show on shelves, mantel-pieces, desks and more - meaning your loved ones won’t ever forget just how much they mean to you!

Measuring 10cm x 15cm, these unique gifts slot perfectly into (most) greetings cards, making them the ultimate bonus gifts for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, engagements, anniversaries, standard Tuesday afternoons… You name it. Alternatively, simply slide it into an envelope and save yourself the hassle of getting a card, just add a little note and you’re done! Easy peasy, postcard squeezey.

Take a look at some of our favourite designs below…

  • 1. Bad Witch Club Small Tin Sign

    For only the baddest witches in the coven, this tin sign is the invitation you’ve been waiting for. Gather your fellow sorceresses with this pastel goth design decorated with hypnotic crystals, and ensure that no unwanted guests turn up at the clubhouse – it really is invite only.

  • 2. The Dance Of Eternity Small Tin Sign

    Dancing against the light of the biggest full moon, an everlasting romance between two skeletons is captured in this stunning piece. Share your undying love with a token that will last until death do you part (and maybe even longer).

  • 3. Save The Bees Small Tin Sign

    It’s an important message worth spreading, but bees can’t speak… So let this tin sign do all the talking on their behalf! For anyone fond of the furry black and yellow buzzies this little sign will fill their heart with joy!

  • 4. Your Only Limit Is You Small Tin Sign

    All it takes to brighten someone’s day is a little bit of motivation – and this small tin sign is overflowing with the stuff! Bring a smile to their face with this inspiring gift, perfect for new beginnings and PMA-improving.

  • 5. Love U To The Tomb & Back Small Tin Sign

    Some romances never die. If you’re lucky enough to have found your soul mate, show them just how far your love will go – to the tomb and back! No need to get a real gravestone just yet, this tin sign will do for now.

  • 6. Stand Out From The Crowd Small Tin Sign

    For the cat lover who breaks the mould, this is the perfect metaphor/present. A purple kitten smiles happily, surrounded by wide-eyed grey moggies with beautiful glossy eyes.