Unique Skull Gifts at Grindstore This Xmas!

Novelty gifts & merch from the darkside

Christmas may be the most holly jolly time of the year, but that doesn't mean you can't rock your trademark gothic style! After all, is there anything more Christmassy than a leering skull?

With two shakes of a reindeer's tail, we've put together this handy list of skull themed goodies, just for you! So if you're seeking the perfect gift for any resident goth, you've come to the right place…

  • 1. Alchemy Omega Skull Wall Clock

    Embrace the melodrama and count down to the inevitable with this 'cheerful' clock! The ideal gift for any pessimist (or skeleton fan) this Chrimbo, this toothsome design is sure to make this year's yuletide the perfect blend of morbid and jolly. Ho ho ho…

  • 2. Seasons Creepings Black Santa Sack

    Halloween may be behind us, but that doesn't mean you have to ditch the spooky vibes! If you (or your mates) are having too much skele-fun with the undead look, there's no better way to take it up a notch than with this creepy Santa sack… perfect for storing all your spare limbs.

  • 3. Framed Enter If You Dare Mirrored Tin Sign

    Christmas miscreants be warned, whether you're helping yourselves to a stash of sweeties or peeking under the wrapping paper, this ghoulish apparition is here to put you in your place… so enter his abode if you dare! This ghostly goodie is sure to make a great gift for any anti-social phantom this Christmas.

  • 4. Requiem Collective Imperial Afterlife Ladies Long Pyjama Set

    We all know someone that sleeps like the dead… awaken them from their slumber with this stylish PJ set and you’re sure to earn your place in the unholy afterlife. A great gift for any undead princess!

  • 5. Skull Coasters - Set Of 4

    Skull coasters - need we say more? An easy way to add a spectral twist to any room, this foreboding set is sure to keep even the grouchiest banshee jolly and full of cheer this Chrimbo. Happy hollow-days!

  • 6. Natural Bone Coloured Traditional, Tribal Tattoo Fund Skull

    Tattoos are for the afterlife, not just for Christmas! If you (or your giftee) are aiming to get some new ink in the coming year, this skull box is a great place to store your cash. No Christmas bandits will dare touch your funds with this dark guardian watching over them.

  • 7. Gothic Skull Adjustable Face Mask

    Smile! Scare the general public into submission and enjoy your Xmas away from the teeming crowds with the help of this grinning skeleton face mask. The perfect gift for anyone with a creepy sense of style!

  • 8. Alchemy Dead Thirsty Double Walled Travel Mug

    Take a sip, if you dare… This travel mug is possessed by a poltergeist with a penchant for mischief and keeping your beverages toasty warm… just watch out for any paranormal Christmas Eve pranks.

  • 9. Cross Skull Bar Blade Bottle Opener

    We can only pray that there's alcohol in the afterlife… in the meantime, this skull bottle opener is here to ensure you and your buddies make your way through Christmas as tipsy as possible. Sobriety is for January, right?

  • 10. Spiral Skull Blast Black Cushion

    The pit burns in the flames of hellfire… and now your décor can too! A great gift for any hell-bound soul, this vibrant cushion is sure to bring a devilish smile to any face on Xmas morning.

  • 11. Sugar Skull Carnival Mug

    If bright and colourful is your thing, we have just the prezzie for you! With a repeating pattern of fabulously floral skulls, this mug guarantees all your cuppas will be to die for… now who wants some eggnog?

  • 12. Framed Half Dead Mirrored Tin Sign

    If you spend most of the year feeling half-dead, why not make your feelings a reality? Peer into the depths of the mirror and feel your inner self emerge… maybe it's just the party food, but we're feeling a bit ghoulish!

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