Funny office mugs for your Secret Santa

Tea and coffee mugs for under £10

It's that time of year again! If you've taken the plunge and pulled a name from the office hat, then you may be wondering how on earth you're going to find something suitably awesome for your giftee… fear not, these mugs have got you covered this stay-at-home Christmas!

Whether your friends and colleagues are hardcore procrastinators, proud gingers or closet emos, this handy list won't let you down. Even better, these nifty gifts are budget friendly and perfect for posting if you’re working from home! So, whether you're home-bound or braving the office, join us and take a peek under the wrapping paper…

  • 1. Let Me Drop Everything and Work On Your Problem Mug

    You can never be too busy to work on someone else’s problem, right? The perfect gift for any office Samaritan, this cheeky mug is a great way to express your gratitude for their tireless problem solving this Xmas. No sarcasm here, honest.

  • 2. Cute But Abusive - Tosser Enamel Mug

    If your giftee is, no two ways about it, a bit of a tosser (in the best possible way!), this adorably sweet yet abusive mug may just be the perfect humorous gift for them this Chrimbo season. Tweet tweet!

  • 3. Queen Of Fucking Everything Pink Neon Mug

    Royalty no matter where they go? This is the mug for any reigning queen! Bold, just like them, this quirky gift is sure to please even the most tyrannical monarch this yuletide.

  • 4. Another 8 Hours Of Pretending To Work Mug

    Work… what’s that? The perfect prezzie for the office slacker turned working-from-home PJ wearer, this cheeky mug is sure to merit a chuckle from even the most stony-faced colleague this X-mas. We're sure your boss won't suspect a thing…

  • 5. The Office Ginger Orange Neon Mug

    Every office has one - and it wouldn't be the same without them! The ideal way to acknowledge your ginger co-workers, this vivid mug not only matches their luscious locks, it's also a sure-fire way to let everyone know that there's some orange pride going on in the workplace. Just remember, gingers are for life, not just for Christmas!

  • 6. I Got So Much Procrastinating Done Today Mug

    Wow, what an achievement! The ideal secret Santa gift for any serial procrastinator, this philosophical looking mug might not motivate them to complete their tasks for the day, but it is a great way to help them stare mindlessly at social media… while on a caffeine buzz. Score!

  • 7. You Just Got Litt Up Mug

    You may not be corporate lawyers (or perhaps you are!), but this mug is sure to be a great way to hype up any of your hot-headed colleagues this Chrimbo. They'll be strutting around the office, home, or video call brandishing their stylish new mug in no time - so prepare to get 'Litt up!'.

  • 8. It's Way Too Peopley Outside Black Mug

    As any office emo knows, it's better to stay in the safe confines of home (or the office) and avoid the teeming crowds - after all, 'It's way too peopley outside'! The ideal present for any closet agoraphobe, this black mug will surely speak to the most gothic parts of anyone's soul this holly jolly season.

  • 9. Steven Rhodes (Let's Find A Cure For Stupid People) Coffee Mug

    We're sure there's no stupid people in your workplace, but you never know when they may crop up… Encourage your giftee to join you in developing a cure for stupidity with the help of this cheeky mug! After all, is it really Christmas without a little Steven Rhodes humour?

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