Secret Santa gifts for people you don’t know

Unique & fool proof gift ideas for strangers

We’ve all experienced it, the sheer seasonal panic that comes with being assigned a stranger for the work Secret Santa!

People might be telling you that they’ve been your colleague for years, working just down the hall… but you swear you’ve never seen them before, or perhaps they’re a friend of a friend that you’re certain you will never see again.

Well, fear not, we have the solution; a fool proof list of handy secret Santa gifts for every budget that anyone will love… score!

  • 1. F**kin Swear Jar - Money Box

    Ah the swear jar, a classic staple of every household. You might not believe it, but swear jars are great for saving money, and during the Christmas season, more guests = more swearing = more dosh – and nobody can complain about that, making this little gem a great Secret Santa gift for even the most saintly colleague!

  • 2. Eco Soy Wax Mini Melts - Wild Rose

    Great for the environment and for noses, these sweet smelling wax melts make a great gift and stocking filler, bringing the sweet aroma of roses to any room. The perfect choice for anyone ho ho ho-pelessly confused about what to buy the lady (or gentleman) named on their secret santa slip!

  • 3. Cockney Spaniel Meeting Is Bollocks Men's Novelty Sock Gift Pack - 3 Pairs Of Cheeky Office Socks

    Something we can all agree on is that work (sometimes) sucks… and what better way to express this than via socks? The perfect Secret Santa gift for anyone constantly complaining about work or who seems to be frowning every time you pass them in the office, these socks might actually get a smile… and that’s a Christmas miracle in itself!

  • 4. Undergoing Maintenance Enamel Mug

    Ah coffee, the office saviour. A great choice for the colleague or stranger you’re pretty sure you’ve seen in the kitchen once, this cheeky mug lists its owner as under maintenance – just insert tea, coffee, eggnog or any other beverage of choice to restart.

  • 5. People I Want To Punch In The Face A5 Hard Cover Notebook

    Everyone wants to write a hit list (right?), making this slightly worrying notebook a great choice for any secret Santa. In reality it’s probably going to be used for shopping lists and notes, but sometimes it’s nice to wish upon an X-mas star…

  • 6. Eat, Drink And… Zzzzzz Red Cotton Drawstring Bottle Bag

    Why not give the gift of a relatable bottle bag this yuletide? After all, ‘tis season to stuff your face, grab the alcohol and then… zzz… fall asleep. The perfect choice for anyone planning to palm off the old bottle of wine they were given last year, this bag adds a little extra finesse to the classic Chrimbo gift!