Secret Santa gift ideas for your co-workers this Christmas

Funny, rude & budget friendly gift inspiration for work

The time is nigh... the dreaded office Secret Santa is here!

If, like us, you struggle to pick the right gift for your co-workers, this list is just for you. We’ve handpicked some of the best budget friendly, super-secret gifts for any and all... from the forgetful office pal to the grouchy (or is that Grinch-y?) receptionist. You’re welcome!

So come on, ho ho ho-p on the gift train and smash that Chrimbo shopping in one fell swoop with our handy dandy Xmas ideas…

  • 1. The Office Gossip Green Neon Mug

    Know anyone that can’t keep a secret? Just minutes after telling them something the whole office seems to know? Then this slightly passive- aggressive gift will make the perfect Secret Santa prezzie! Neon enough that nobody will miss it, this cheeky mug announces the owner as the office gossip, the perfect early warning sign for any workplace newbie.

  • 2. Cockney Spaniel Nice Cock Men's Novelty Socks

    2. Does your office feel a little bit like a farm with all those cocks strutting around? Does a certain someone spring to mind when you picture a rooster? Perfect for any cocky co-worker that enjoys a rude joke, this fine feathered pair of socks will make a great (if a little vulgar) secret Santa gift!

  • 3. You Didn't Murder Anyone Today Small Tin Sign

    What on earth are you supposed to get the terrifying accountant down the hall? Not some mistletoe, that’s for sure. We have you covered - perfect for anyone who’s looks can kill, this positive little sign congratulates the owner on avoiding any felonies today... you may need one too after all the cheer you have to share with your office ‘friends’.

  • 4. You Didn't Murder Anyone Today Small Tin Sign

    A perfect subtle threat (or gothic gift...) this toxic bottle bag is a great way to put your colleagues on edge as they sip their complimentary mulled wine this yuletide– who knows if there’s any deadly arsenic inside? It’s tasteless after all...

  • 5. Disney Don't Be Grumpy Cedarwood Body Care Set

    Cheer up the office grouch with your jolly Christmas spirit! If that doesn’t work, surely this grumpy body care set will do the trick… revitalise that temper and avoid any tantrums by giving the gift of delicious smells and body scrubs this year!

  • 6. Queer For Beer Bar Blade Bottle Opener

    Sometimes being subtle isn’t the way to go – great for those totally flamboyant office friends, this brightly coloured bottle opener is great for beer lovers. Everybody knows tis the season to be jolly… and nothing makes us jollier than a Christmas beer or two. Mmmm beer…

  • 7. Offensive Coasters - 4 Piece Coaster Set

    You know the office princess? Well this isn’t for her! A fun gift for the office bad mouth (who also loves a feminine touch) these elegant coasters are sure to be a hit on the coffee table alongside the Christmas pudding and crackers… as a bonus, you can get really creative and arrange them into a loving message for the receiver of your gift... how thoughtful!

  • 8. The Office Smart Arse Yellow Neon Mug

    Their school days might be well behind them, but there’s always going to be a teacher’s pet… or in this case, an office smart-arse! Neon and hard to miss, this eye catching mug will highlight the unashamed office schmooze brilliantly this festive season.

  • 9. Stuff I'll Never Get Round To Doing Cream A5 Hard Cover Notebook

    There’s one in every workplace… a ‘forgetful’ (lazy) co-worker who just ‘doesn’t have the time’ to get it done. Crack down on those excuses with this handy notebook… no more forgotten coffee runs, forms left unprocessed or Chrimbo crackers left un-pulled… take that, Scrooge.