Popular backpacks for school & college

Our best bags for girls and boys

Ah school, we've missed you so (yes, really…)

You may not have a say in your choice of uniform, but fear not, we've put together this handy list to help you express your inner awesome with a stylish new bag! Whether you're an avid learner or just long for lunch break, it's time to grab that pencil case, scoop up your books and get back-to-school ready…

  • 1. Pokemon Characters All Over Print Backpack

    Gotta catch 'em all! If you'd rather be out in the Sinnoh region collecting cute critters than sitting at your desk scribbling notes, this backpack is just for you! Perfect for stashing your Pokémon cards (or just your bog standard books), this colourful bag is ideal for any Nintendo fan.

  • 2. Punk Yellow Backpack

    If you can't contain your inner punk, then why not turn your alternative nature into a stylish accessory? Loud and proud, this neon yellow backpack is the perfect companion for any unashamed school rebel - rock on!

  • 3. Banned Yamy Red Tartan Backpack

    Speaking of rocking the punk look… If your fashion sense demands the inclusion of tartan, then this hard rocking 'pack will be perfect for you. Ideal for smuggling your secret stash of pre-lunchtime treats, this bag comes complete with compartments and pockets galore!

  • 4. You're Too Damn Close Black Backpack

    The two metre rule may be on the way out, but that doesn't mean you want anyone TOO close to you! Stay safe and rock the introvert life with the help of this minimalist bag - the perfect choice for anyone who hates social interaction (or just wants some peace and quiet!).

  • 5. Bunny Mayhem Backpack

    Bunnies, bunnies everywhere! If you want to bring 'kawaii' with you on the go, then this bag is surely the best choice for you! Whether you're rabbit mad or just love the cutesy look, there's no better way to carry your school gear than in this cute backpack.

  • 6. Black Mineral Graphic Backpack

    Why not rock the natural look with this granite themed bag? If your school books and stationery feel like they are weighing you down, get some support from this bag which is surely the one for you - besides, the best way to keep up your hard-core stony exterior is to look the part, right?

  • 7. Banned Sugar Skull Satchel Backpack

    Take your rightful place as king or queen of the undead with this epic sugar skull bag! Ideal for anyone with an alternative sense of style, this bag comes with lots of pockets for storing your school stationery (and fav gothic accessories too!).

  • 8. Santoro Gorjuss Backpack - Sugar & Spice

    Everyone knows girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice… If you're sweeter than plum pudding, then this sugary backpack is perfect for you! In typical Gorjuss style, this delicate design is as eye-catching as it is adorable - we can't promise it won't have you day dreaming about all the tasty goodies you have saved up for lunch…

  • 9. Banned Gothic Skull Backpack

    Just because you can't wear you fav black clothes, doesn't mean you can't rock the goth look! Featuring a snarling skull, this epic alternative backpack comes with a distressed finish and two side pockets perfect for stashing your hard rocking water bottle or demonic snacks.