Quirky kitchen accessories for your alternative home

Novelty chopping boards, funny mugs & more

Who says your fabulously alternative style can't extend to the kitchen?

Staying at home more means there's no better time to add some new life to your décor, so why not take the opportunity to deck out your kitchen with some new accessories?

Whether you're a takeaway fan or love to prep your own meals from scratch, our list of quirky kitchenware goodies is sure to tickle your taste buds…

  • 1. Spells & Potions Chopping Board

    Whether you're cooking up delectable meals or mysterious love potions, this raven themed chopping board is sure to have you unleashing your inner culinary magic in no time. Bubble bubble, whip up a tasty dinner on the double!

  • 2. Alchemy Purrfect Brew Tea For One Set

    Cat lovers, this one's for you! If you enjoy nothing more than a soothing cup of tea after a hard day's work, this purrfectly adorable teapot set from Alchemy is sure to have you 'feline' fine in a jiffy.

  • 3. Welcome To Our Crypt Slim Tin Sign

    If you dwell in the darkness of the otherworld, this quirky tin sign is sure to roll out the welcome mat to any would-be visitors, living or undead. Dare you enter the crypt?

  • 4. Kitchen Witch Circular Glass Chopping Board

    Extend your magical prowess into the kitchen and prepare mystical meals with the help of this eye catching pastel themed chopping board! Perfect for anyone with a penchant for all things occult, this cutting board is sure to infuse all your creations with a touch of magic.

  • 4. Deadly Detox Cyanide Enamel Mug

    Others should take a sip of your refreshing beverage at their own risk… after all, who knows what's lurking in your cuppa? A great novelty gift for anyone with a wacky sense of humour, this cyanide themed mug is sure to add a touch of spice to any kitchen cupboard.

  • 6. Cute But Really Abusive - Twat Glass Chopping Board

    What a cute kitty… If you're anything but a prude when it comes to vulgar exclamations, this quirky chopping board from Cute but Abusive is sure to earn a place of honour in your kitchen. Heaven forbid anyone interrupts your cooking flow with this fearsome feline about…

  • 7. Hail Seitan Vegan Vegetarian Apron

    Hail the mighty Seitan! Perfect for vegans or vegetarians, this occult apron promises deliciously meat-free meals all round. Just avoid making any soul-sacrificing deals at the peak of your peckishness…

  • 8. It's Way Too Peopley Outside Black Mug

    People? Who needs 'em! If you'd much rather spend you days chilling by your lonesome on the sofa and living the introvert dream, this gothic mug is sure to speak to your unique personality.

  • 9. Witches Kitchen Slim Tin Sign

    Whether you consider yourself Wiccan, pagan or just a simple witch, this nifty tin sign will surely make your kitchen magical. It's time to grab your cauldron, scoop up your familiar and get to work making some arcane mischief

  • 10. Cauldron Cruet Set

    Bring a gothic twist to your dining table and sprinkle your food with magic using this cauldron themed cruet set. After all, eye of newt and wing of bat are nothing without a little salt and pepper…

  • 11. Wolfsbane Potion Bottle

    Keep the lycanthropy at bay and enjoy the soothing light of the moon in style with the help of this spooky drinks bottle! Beware though; skipping your daily dose may result in unexpected wolfish side-effects…

  • 12. Alchemy Black Cat Spirit Board Wall Clock

    Count down the hours of the day in style! Powered by the souls of the damned, this cat themed clock will have you breaking out the Ouija board and communing with the spirit world in no time. Meow!