Quirky cat presents for humans

Cat lover gifts from only £2.99

If you are a feline fanatic who is looking for the purrfect present, here is a list of great cat-themed gifts you can sink your claws into.

  • 1. Cat Stroking For Beginners Greet Tin Card

    While you may be an expert at pussy-cat petting, guests must be warned! This greet tin card will save your fellow humans from certain mauling. Hang it on a well-lit wall or give it to a friend as a present so that cat-stroking novices can be guided on exactly how to scritch that scratchy little scrooge. This purchase will be well worth the amount of preserved human flesh.

  • 2. V. I. Pets David Meowie Red Tote Bag

    Forget 'Diamond Dogs' - it's time to give cats their time to shine! Calling all 'Cat People' who are looking for a tom-cat tote with a rockin' vibe-David Meowie is talented, cute, and here to help you transport all your pawsome bits and bobs. This red tote bag is sure to have you and your friends 'Dancing in the Street' and meowing with delight!

  • 3. Paws Mini Tin Sign

    Toy mice beware! An untamed tabby is coming for you and doesn't even mind getting wet! This hilarious mini tin sign is a great addition to any film and cat lover's home. Paws is an adorable take on a horrible horror, who can resist those twitching whiskers on a precious, pouncing, pawing, puddin'?

  • 4. Pusheen Places Cats Belong

    Ah Pusheen, the beloved internet sensation from 2010! Even now we're obsessed, and any true cat connoisseur would be mega-chuffed to receive an official merch poster featuring the determined little kit. We are all well aware that kitty-cats don't care what you think about where they go and what they do - it's part of their appeal! This untamed little sweetie can be seen sitting in all the wrong places except for one-in your heart. Awww. #TotesAdorbs

  • 5. Cute But Abusive Pets - Prick Glass Chopping Board

    A great gift for your ex, this chopping board will not only remind them that they're a prick, but also that they can't cook. On the other paw, cat lovers are notorious masochists who love being hated by their fur kids. Why not chop up your veggies, whilst simultaneously being reminded of how much you mean to your darling marmalade moggie? We can't think of anything more beautiful.

  • 6. Spooky Cat Behaviour Coasters

    Calling all black cat lovers, these adorably spooky kitty coasters (featuring four of nine lives) would make a brilliant pressie for any witchy friend or feline-obsessed family member. A great place to rest your potions-spooky cat will show you all of his favourite daily exploits. Fortunately, his curiosity and mischievous nature has not killed the cat yet!

  • 7. Cat's Whiskers Hanging Planter

    A gardener's delight with a feline twist, this gorgeous hanging planter features the face of a very proud pussy-cat. If you are looking for a classy wedding or birthday gift, this grinning grimalkin is a brilliantly amewwwsing choice. Sporting whiskers for days, this plant-pot is sure to bring a big Cheshire cat grin to everyone's face.

  • 8. Alchemy Black Cat Spirit Board Wall Clock

    What time is it, you say? Time to get a new clock! Perhaps you have a strange, jellicle aunt who always arrives late to parties… or maybe your cousin Ted is a stay-at-home cat daddy with a penchant for the occult. Either way, if you know someone with dark leanings who loves a furry familiar, this spirit board wall clock is a great magic offering for the ages.

  • 9. Kawaii Coven Black Cat Club Pink Cushion

    The Kawaii Coven club presents a cute, butterball kitten, cuddling with an endearing little skull. Printed on a bright-pink accent cushion, this wide-eyed, furry felis design is a great house-warming gift for those who are into the dark arts, but also love wide-eyed paw-babies. Sit back and relax you inner-witch upon the winsome softness.

  • 10. Spooky Cat Plant Destroyer Mirrored Tin Sign

    Anyone who has ever owned a kitteh can attest to the fact that they are masters of destruction. Spooky cat, otherwise known as "Plant Destroyer", is featured on this true-to-life mirrored tin sign. A great present for someone with a green thumb and a naughty kitty, this framed piece of art work will mirror a cat owner's life, both literally and figuratively.

  • 11. I Don't Snore I Purr Ladies Long Pyjama Set

    The purrfect pyjamas for a purrfect lady who OBVIOUSLY doesn't snore. I mean, who would do that? Lol. Stretch out with your favourite feline floof and relax on the sofa with these comfy red, black, and white PJs that are certain to put you to sleep in no time. Don't let anyone's judgement get you down-feel free to purr to your heart's content.

  • 12. Catty Without Coffee Black Mug

    Perfect for all you crazy cat people out there, this black mug is a great gift for anyone with a coffee addiction and a fierce personality. Sort of like how cats don't want to be touched, with this mug no one will dare even speak to you before you’ve had your cuppa. Ward off Karen from HR by bringing this pointy-eared mug to your work desk, and look cute while doing it. #caffeine

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