Tasty gifts for people who love Pizza!

Get a slice of the action on National Pizza Day

The 9th of February marks National Pizza Day and we are SO ready to get stuck into some cheesy goodness (or vegan cheesy goodness if that's your bag). We can't send you actual pizza in the post, the mess would be unreal, but we do have plenty of cool and quirky pizza-themed goodies that might take your fancy.

If you're ready to show the world how much doughy love you have for pizza, then get your claws into our pizza merch!

  • 1. Cold Pizza Club Patch

    Cold pizza has become a topic that divides even the best of friends! Show your support for the chilly feast with this cute patch to brighten up your bag or jacket.

  • 2. Pizza Pennies Money Box

    You know what they say: look after the pennies and the pizza will look after itself. If pizza is life, then this money box is perfect for you. Store your change away and watch those sweet, sweet slices come rolling in.

  • 3. Cheesy Pizza Cover Notebook

    Stationery never looked so tasty! Oozing with gooey cheese this notebook is an essential for anyone who is obsessed with pizza. This National Pizza Day, treat yourself to something that will have your mouth watering uncontrollably every time you catch a glimpse of it.

  • 4. Love, Peace and Vegan Pizza Tote Bag

    Veganuary may be over, but your love affair with vegan pizza doesn't have to be! Grab yourself a ‘Love, peace and vegan pizza' tote bag and flaunt your plant-based diet in style.

  • 5. Pizza Sticker Patch

    Make sure you have a slice on you at all times with this itty-bitty pizza patch sticker! Super cute and covered in pepperoni, stick this little slice to your gadgets, notebooks, phone - or anything else you can think of!

  • 6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Snapback

    Say COWABUNGA with this pizza snapback! It looks so good that somebody has already taken a bite out of it. Show your love for anything deep-pan and cheesy with a hat that's guaranteed to make any ninja turtle's day.