Customise Your Clothes with Patches & Pins

With 3 for £5 available on selected patches & pins, it’s about time you worked on your accessory game!

Whether you’re updating your denim jacket, giving an old pair of jeans a makeover, or adding the finishing touch to a tote bag, our patches and pins are definitely game changers in the world of customisation!

Take a look at how we style our Patches & Pins at the Grindstore HQ…

Update your old jacket

Transform your old faithful into a new, exciting addition to your wardrobe, without breaking the bank! Whether you want to cover the entire back in patches, 1970’s punk style; or add statement stand-alone pieces that express your personality, you can’t beat the easiness of our iron-on patches.

If you’re like us, and you love collecting things, Pin Badges are the next thing you’ll get hooked on! Load your lapels up with your favourite details, or pop a couple onto your collar tips for an indie vibe.

Alter those jeans you never wear

We all know how difficult jean shopping can be (which is why we avoid it at all costs…) Time to mix-up your old trusty denim the easy way!

A couple of patches on each bum pocket can take your look to a whole new place – we love how these tattoo style patches look against the black denim, and sneaking in a slogan patch under the belt loops makes these mom jeans look like every goth’s dream denim!

Make a statement with our huge range of slogan patches. Popping on these patches over the knees puts these black skinnies a cut above the rest.

Our best selling Muther Fluffer Patch makes a cheeky appearance on the back pocket of these jeans, perfect for giving your get-up an injection of attitude!

Mix up your accessories

Tote bags and backpacks deserve to be as unique as you! Whatever mood you’re in, you can express yourself with your accessories the easy way. Pop on a cute little llama pin badge, load up on metal skulls and symbols, or even take a trip to outer space with our alien themed pieces!

One of the best things about pin badges is the versatility. Switch up your looks without the hassle. A different pin badge for every day of the week? Why the heck not?!

Add the perfect finishing touches

Even if your wardrobe is predominately basics (plain tees, hoodies, sweatshirts – you name it) it’s so easy to remix those staple garments.

Adding a cute patch to a plain t-shirt gives it a whole new aesthetic, making your clothes 100% unique to you!

Or give a new lease of life to that baggy jumper or hoodie you never wear, in under 5 minutes! This cute cactus patch looks awesome and changes the entire look of an outfit!