Our Top 9 Dark & Witchy Sticker Sets

Original designs 6 for £5

Introduce some dark vibes to your belongings with our angst ridden and witchcraft inspired sticker sets!

Decorate your laptop or notebooks in true alternative style with over 30 designs to choose from. Available for £1 each or why not customise your look for less with 6 sets for only £5.

  • 1. Witch Vibes Sticker Set

    If you're into everything that goes hand in hand with witchcraft, be it incantations, potion making, crystal healing or just magic in general then this vinyl sticker set is going to be your new favourite purchase. Ideal for decorating your spell book or laptop if you're a forward thinking member of the coven, these will add a splash of the magical to your life.

  • 2. I Love Bats Vinyl Sticker Set

    Bats are underrated creatures but not by those obsessed with the dark in which they reside. If you find yourself being called a crazy bat lady, or perhaps you simply enjoy hanging out with your mates upside down then this sticker set is for you. Seize the day, be proud of your love for the furry little fliers and decorate your notebook or laptop with these awesome stickers.

  • 3. Stay Weird Vinyl Sticker Set

    It's a truth universally acknowledged that us weirdos are the best; it's those normal people you want to watch out for! This epic vinyl sticker set is for the discerning person who just doesn't want to get mixed up with those normal folk. Let your inner weirdo shine through and decorate your laptop or notebook to match - you know you want to!

  • 4. Witchcraft Vinyl Sticker Set

    Those mere mortals out there who don't subscribe to all things witchy are truly missing out on a vibrant, magical world. This vinyl sticker set is a glorious way to adorn your note taking materials and laptops and set you apart from the crowd. Whether you're more into crystals or you enjoy chanting incantations from your spell book, there's a sticker here to represent you.

  • 5. Deadly Tarot Vinyl Sticker Set

    The Witch, The Moon, The Devil and Death all carry connotations of the occult and are all said to carry abundant magical power and now so can you! Want to know what the future holds? Enter the world of tarot with these monochrome vinyl stickers from Deadly Tarot and accessorise your otherworldly belongings in true alternative style.

  • 6. Normal People Scare Me Vinyl Sticker Set

    If normal people scare you as much as they scare us then may we suggest this brilliant vinyl sticker set! Decorate your gadgets and let people know that you subscribe to the anti-social side of society. After all, in this wide world of possibilities, why on earth would you want to be normal? Emo's and goths unite; these are the stickers for you!

  • 7. Angst Vinyl Sticker Set

    Angst has always had some fairly negative connotations attached to it but these days, who can blame anyone for feeling the existential dread that comes with living in the modern world. What you can do is bring some levity to the situation with this cool, colourful vinyl sticker set, perfect for embellishing your notebooks and brightening up your workplace! Buckle in, it's all fine; see you in hell!

  • 8. Dark Vibes Vinyl Sticker Set

    For those who languish in the dark places of the world, for those who weren't born but summoned, then this top notch vinyl sticker set is the one for you! There's a handy note to keep you fully out of the sunlight, and even an ego boosting cute but psycho sticker. Now then, what are you waiting for? It's time to introduce some dark vibes to your belongings with these alternative stickers!

  • 9. We Are The Weirdos Mister Vinyl Sticker Set

    We are the weirdos mister! Get that into your head and we'll all be okay moving forward. Embrace the unorthodox and clutch at the gothic as you decorate with this awesome vinyl sticker set. Ouija boards, witchcraft and pentagrams are the order of the day and you're sure to find yourself bewitched. Let everyone know who you truly are and embrace your weirdness!

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