Our top 9 movie themed t-shirts for him

Retro inspired lockdown loungewear

Anyone fancy a retro film fest? Fear not, Grindstore has you covered!

Whether you're a fan of travelling through time and space or prefer to try your luck with dinosaurs and vampires galore, our list of trendy (but totally retro) tees is sure to scratch that nostalgic itch.

Grab that remote and let's take a gander…

  • 1. Back To The Future Poster Men's Black T-Shirt

    Great Scott! If you're longing for a flux capacitor powered DeLorean of your very own (we don't blame you), this awesome Back to the Future Tee is surely a close second best. Grab your cinema style snacks, sit back and enjoy the best time travelling trilogy of the 80's in style…

  • 2. Lost Boys David And Logo Men's Black T-Shirt

    You're a creature of the night now! Join the ranks of the undead and celebrate one of the 80's most iconic box office hits with the help of this fabulously retro t-shirt - just avoid snacking on garlic bread for the duration of the movie…

  • 3. Star Wars Japanese ESB Poster Men's White T-Shirt

    A part of (probably) the most legendary Sci-Fi franchise of all time, this epic Star Wars tee celebrates the Japanese release of The Empire Strikes Back, retro style! Why not turn your lockdown living room into an exclusive screening of this intergalactic masterpiece - you know you want to.

  • 4. Jaws Shark Tours Men's Black T-Shirt

    This king of the silver screen may not be human, but there's certainly some-fin special about him… grab a bite to eat and get the chum a-chucking, Jaws is here! The perfect shirt for anyone looking to make a splash, you'll have everyone wishing for a bigger boat in no time.

  • 4. Ghostbusters Dan Mumford Men's Black T-Shirt

    Who you gonna call? If comedy movies get your approval then this epic Marshmallow man themed tee is sure to strike a chord. It's time to do your part and keep the land of the living safe from the influence of the other side - only then can you take your place as an honourable member of the Ghostbusters crew!

  • 6. The Godfather The Don Men's Black T-Shirt

    Who doesn't love a good crime drama? The king of the genre, 'The Godfather', is sure to inspire some mob nostalgia in even the most lawful citizen. Great for fans of the one and only Vito Corleone, this graphic tee will have you paying homage to 'The Don' wherever you go.

  • 7. Jurassic Park Mono Logo Men's Green T-Shirt

    Dinosaur fans, this one is for you! Whether you fancy yourself the next Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler or John Hammond, you're sure to have a memorable trip back to the Jurassic era with this toothsome tee. Featuring the iconic Tyrannosaurus logo, this stylish t-shirt will have you looking the part as you binge your fav action adventure series.

  • 8. Friday the 13th - Jason Pop Art Men's Black T-Shirt

    Released in 1980, Friday the 13th has taken its place in history as a giant of the horror movie genre - for good reason! Featuring a Pop-art version of Jason in his hockey mask, this vivid tee will have you wanting to revisit Camp Crystal Lake in no time… don't forget to pack your machete.

  • 9. Star Wars Death Star Sketch Men's Black T-Shirt

    That's no moon… it's a space station! Although ultimately destroyed by Luke Skywalker and the Rebels, the Death Star remains a mighty monument to the power of the Empire and the dark side of the force. Learn it's inner workings and memorise its specs with the help of this tee and you're sure to please The Emperor…