Cool gift Ideas for Metal Heads

Gift inspiration for music lovers of all ages

It’s not easy to find the perfect gift for your metal head pals, their tastes are specific and sometimes even look a bit scary. Fear not! If you find yourself stuck between all the awesome band merch on the site, we’re here to help!

We’ve put together a handy list of gifts for all discerning metal music connoisseurs... Merry Christmas!

Come forth metal junkies (and Chrimbo gift buyers), it’s time to jingle bell rock our way through the top 9 picks for metal lovers!

  • 1. Iron Maiden Live After Death 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

    Big up to the 80’s metal heads! Puzzle your way back to the 1985 release of Live after Death from the one and only Iron Maiden with this head scratching, boredom busting, heavy rocking 500 piece jigsaw! Perfect for the metal head who has it all, this puzzle will bring on waves of nostalgia this Xmas season.

  • 2. Avenged Sevenfold King DB Men's Black T-Shirt

    Rocking in at number two, we have a spooky entry from American metal legends Avenged Sevenfold! Christmas gifts don’t have to be Christmas-y after all, so give the gift of a frightful ghoul king and watch the gratitude roll in, it’s time to embrace the spirit of yuletide and spread the A7X love!

  • 3. Metallica Master of Puppets Goblet

    Sip your eggnog in style with this majestic goblet from Metallica, complete with the epic artwork from their Master of Puppets album. Really though, who doesn’t want to look poised like a royal as they sip their beverage? The perfect Christmas gift for any metal head with a king complex!

  • 4. 12" Record Cover Album Frame - Black

    What on Earth are you supposed to gift the metal fan who loves their music collection more than anything else (but not you…right?), why, this stylish album frame of course! Spruce up your wall with the addition of a vinyl of your choice, after all, ‘tis the season to rock out!

  • 5. Slipknot We Are Not Your Kind Plectrum 5 Pack

    No gift-y list for metal fans would be complete without an entry from the masters of the genre, Slipknot! You don’t need to have had one of the best metal albums of 2019 to get on this list… but it helps. So let’s forget chocolate Santas and CD’s, it’s time to give a gift that you pals are going to love. But maybe give them some chocolate too, because chocolate rocks!

  • 6. Guitar Fund Money Box

    There’s no such thing as too many guitars! But if you can’t give someone an actual guitar, give them the next best thing… somewhere to store their guitar fund! Every metal head fantasises about recreating the eye wateringly awesome riffs from Black Sabbath and Megadeth… and now you can make that dream a reality with this handy money box! Ho ho ho.

  • 6. Metallica And Justice For All Pushead White Socks

    Are you even into metal if your hard rocking aesthetic doesn’t run from head to toe? We’re not sure… so just to be safe, why not answer your pals Christmas wishes with these ghoulish skull socks from Metallica? Now that’s what we call Justice (and gifts) for all!

  • 6. Disturbed Evolution Glass

    Need to make that mulled wine look a little more hard-core? We’ve got your back -introducing this oh-so eerie pint glass from Disturbed! After all, everyone knows all this wishing upon a Christmas star stuff is missing that metal edge.

  • 6. Machine Head Diamond Men's Black Zipped Hoodie

    Help your friends wrap up toasty warm on the chilly winter nights with this eye-catching hoodie from the legends that are Machine Head! With a vibrant yellow logo, this hoodie makes it easy to spot your friends in the mosh pit and anywhere else they might wander off to, win-win!