Magical New Gifts for Witches Have Landed!

Supernatural Home Décor & Enchanted Goodies from the Occult!

Calling all witches – good, evil, and anywhere in between! You’ve mastered potion brewing and your enchantments are a force to be reckoned with… So, by our count, you deserve a reward for all your hard work within the dark arts. From spell-binding trinkets for your creepy crypt, to pastel goth clothing fit for only the baddest of witches (and bitches), we’ve got a gift waiting for you.

Take a break from casting spells and throwing hexes, and scroll through our favourite new arrivals from the mysterious world of Witchcraft

  • 1. Witches Brew Cauldron Mug

    Fit for any witch’s kitchen, bring a dose of magic to any hot beverage with this cauldron shaped mug. No spells required, just your favourite flavoured tea or a revitalising coffee!

  • 2. Pastel Goth Bad Witch Club White Crop Top

    Join the bad witch club and show off your glistening membership with this cute but spooky crop top! Complete with mystic crystals for an increase in supernatural ability and prowess, this pastel coloured design is fit for only the baddest bitches in the coven.

  • 3. Witchy Kittens Yin Yang Black Cushion

    Cuddling up and forming a yin yang made of love and fluff, these cute cats are the ideal familiar for any powerful witch or wizard. Complete with inverted crosses and a crescent moon crystal ball, this cushion will bring a touch of feline fairy-tale to any home.

  • 4. Pentagram Witch Emerald Green Tote Bag

    Resting on a waning crescent moon, a modern day witch chills with her black cat companion, whose eyes glow with amber light. Against a rich teal, this tote bag is ideal for any eco-conscious sorceress going about her daily business.

  • 5. Witchin In The Kitchen Circular Glass Chopping Board

    When preparing your potions and concoctions, it’s important to stay true to your bewitching ways. Complete with pentagram star and gothic text, this glass cutting board is just what every kitchen-loving occultist needs for meal prep and venom making!

  • 6. Stamford Black Incense Cones - Witches' Curse

    Infuse your gothic home with the relaxing fragrance of Aloe Vera. Known for its many medical uses, including healing burns and lowering blood sugar levels, it’s no wonder these marvellous scented cones are titled "Witches Curse".

  • 7. Lucky Black Cat Ornament

    If you can’t have your own cat, or if you simply want more, then bring home this adorable little ball of kitty fluff! Topped off with a witches hat and broom, this endearing feline friend will bring your witch status up within your clan.

  • 8. Witch Please I'm Bi-Hexual Mini Tin Sign

    You’re not a one-trick-witch, and you should definitely show off this fact! Balancing your skillset in perfect harmony, unleash your hexes and incantations with confidence in your ability to love both witches and wizards alike.

  • 9. Black Witch Black Coffee Enamel Mug

    Not just limited to black magic, any decent black witch knows that coffee is best served black! If your wardrobe is limited to one colour, if your hair is jet black, and if your soul is as dark as the night sky, then this enamel mug was made with you in mind.