15 gift ideas for any Luna goddess

Gifts you'll love to the moon & back

Disciples of Selene come forth!

If the mystical glow of the Moon and the whispers of the lunar spirits call your name, these fabulously gothic gifts are sure to make great additions to your collection. Whether you consider yourself a bit of a wild child or just love a good home fragrance, we’ve got something for you!

  • 1. Triple Moon Brass Puja Bell

    Initiate your full Moon ritual in style with the help of this delicate silver coloured Puja bell. Great for any Luna devotee, you'll be communing with the goddess of the night sky in no time!

  • 2. The Witching Hour Wall Clock - Moon

    Count down to the witching hour and feel the phases of the Moon empower the hours of your day with this unique wall clock. A great decoration for any witchy home, this clock ensures that, day or night, the soothing power of the Moon is never far away.

  • 3. Deadly Tarot - The Moon Chopping Board

    Serve up a night time feast and feel the mystery of the Moon card surround you. A great addition to any witchin' kitchen, this tarot themed chopping board guarantees you'll be creating magical meals in no time.

  • 4. Hexxie Brooke Stay Wild Moon Child Mini Tin Sign

    Stay wild, Moon child! Perfect for any selenophile with a penchant for fun antics and fae games, this quirky tin sign promises to bring a pinch of Moon power and pixie magic to any home.

  • 4. Triple Moon Spell Candle Holder

    Whether you practice secretive chants under the blood moon or just love to up the ambience with a scented candle, this triple goddess themed candle holder is sure to bring a quirky gothic touch to any room.

  • 6. Moon Child Patch

    If you seek out psychic empowerment then look no further than the crescent Moon! Ideal for any aspiring 'Moon child' this unique patch will have you looking the part of a lunaphile in no time.

  • 7. Deadly Tarot Obsidian - The Moon Cream A5 Hard Cover Notebook

    The creatures of the night all offer praise to the Moon - and wolves are no exception! Enchanted with occult energy, this tarot themed notebook is the perfect place to scrawl spells, notes or shopping lists.

  • 8. Triple Moon Vanilla Scented Air Freshener

    The soothing scent of vanilla pairs perfectly with a cool moonlit breeze, don't you think? Great for anyone seeking a blend of lunar energy and delightful fragrance, this quirky air freshener makes an ideal gift.

  • 9. Silver Terracotta Sun & Moon Wall Plaque

    Bring balance to your home life with the help of this radiant plaque. Featuring the Sun and Moon gods in perfect equilibrium, this wall decoration is sure to have you feeling in tune with the celestial in no time.

  • 10. Deadly Tarot Felis - The Moon Ladies Long Pyjama Set

    Bats, cats and wild things… all offer their allegiance to the Moon! Great for cat lovers, this adorable PJ set is sure to have you snuggling comfortably in the moonlight every night - purrrfect!

  • 11. Framed Celestial Moon Mirrored Tin Sign

    All is not as it seems… peer into this celestial mirror and divine the truth, if you dare! Great for any budding astronomer, this glistening mirror is sure to bring an air of mystery to your living space.

  • 12. Celestial Moon Child Black Tote Bag

    Take a little bit of cosmic power with you no matter where you go using this stylish tote bag! Great for popping to the shops or carrying your school books, this bag will inform the world of your official 'Moon Child' status.

  • 13. Full Moon Galaxy Bar Blade Bottle Opener

    Crack open a botanical beverage and enjoy a moonlit drink with the help of this galactic bottle opener - a great gift for any night owl who loves to sip their drink under the light of the Moon.

  • 14. Don't Make Me Go Full Moon Crazy Black Mug

    Whether you're a disciple of the dark goddess Lilith or just suffer from the before-noon grumps, this quirky mug is sure to make a great addition to your morning brew breaks. Warn off any would-be annoyances and enjoy your cuppa in peace… now that's Moon power!

  • 15. Dark Gothic Magical Wolf Moon Wall Hanging Plaque

    Few creatures embody the essence of the Moon like the wolf. The perfect gift for any animal fan, the presence of this canine familiar is sure to help drive off any malicious nocturnal spirits throughout the night of a dark moon.