6 LGBTQ Christmas Jumpers for the Festive Season

Funny, camp & very gay Xmas sweaters!

It’s the most LGBTQ time of the year!

No matter how you identify, it’s time to embrace the festive spirit and celebrate Xmas with pride! We’ve whipped up this fabulous list of festive jumpers to make celebrating your LGBTQ-mas easy-peasy, so without further ado, let’s get this Christmas party started…

  • 1. Love Is Love Men's Navy Blue Christmas Jumper

    There's no better time to spread this important message than the Chrimbo season - so whether you're spending Xmas with your family, partner or friends, this stylish jumper is a must-have for any proud member of the LGBTQ community!

  • 2. Camp As Christmas Men's Purple Christmas Jumper

    Christmas? That's pretty camp. Take ownership of the campest day of the year and rock the rainbow look with the help of this stylish jumper - the perfect way to finish off any festive ensemble!

  • 3. Shantay You Sleigh Drag Queen Ladies Red Christmas Jumper

    A true icon, Ru is here to add a little Christmas spirit to your outfit! Whether you're an avid drag fan, or just love to 'sleigh' the festive look, this fabulous jumper is a must have for any aspiring queen this Yuletide!

  • 4. A Gay In A Manger Purple Christmas Jumper

    You may not be Christ himself, but your sense of humour is sure to be legendary, so why not rock the rainbow vibe this Xmas? Whether you identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (or anything else!) this punny jumper is sure to make a great addition to your Christmas attire.

  • 5. All I Want For Christmas Is Ru Ladies Grey Christmas Jumper

    If you're itching to watch the next season of your fav drag show, this fabulously pun-themed jumper is sure to help tide you over. Sashay your way around the Christmas tree and strut your stuff this Noël with the help of this festive sweater.

  • 6. Let's Have A Gay Old Christmas Navy Christmas Jumper

    Wishing you a gay old Christmas! Straight to the point and full of well wishes, this quirky jumper is sure to cure any relatives resting Grinch-face. 'Yule' definitely be sorry if you miss out on the chance to spread your fabulously queer Christmas cheer…