Creepy gifts for horror movie fans!

Novelty gifts & merch from the darkside

Autumn is just around the corner, and as everyone knows, that means it's horror movie season!

If you (or your pals) can't get enough of the jumps, frights and nervous giggles that your fav horror movies induce, then we've got a list of goodies just for you! Whether you have a penchant for human flesh or like to don a hockey mask every now and then, we have something for every horror fan - so let's take a peek…

  • 1. Cannibal Adjustable Face Mask

    You know what? Some fava beans and a nice chianti would be great right about now… The perfect way to scare people into social distancing submission, this quirky mask is an ode to your favourite infamous cannibal. Dare you take a trip to the Baltimore state insane hospital?

  • 2. Elm Street Slim Tin Sign

    Looking for a new neighbourhood? Careful what you wish for… Haunting dreams and slicing unlucky victims since 1985, this Elm street dwelling killer will stalk you in your nightmares.

  • 3. Horror Road Men's Red T-Shirt

    This band isn't here to make music… Featuring all your worst nightmares, this creepy tee is an epic ode to the classic horror movies - just watch out for all the knives, oh, and the chainsaw.

  • 4. After Dark Scents Incense Sticks With Holder - Warewolf Poison

    Ward away the creatures lurking beyond the safety of the lamplight and watch your horror movies in peace with the help of this enchanted incense! Perfect for scaring off any lingering werewolves, these fragrant sticks are a must have for any Van-Helsing wannabe.

  • 5. Redrum Men's Black T-Shirt

    Not the alcoholic beverage we were looking for… Threaten your friends or frighten your family with this foreboding mirrored message tee! After all, is it really a horror movie without a little 'murder'?

  • 6. Bloody Hand Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    This water bottle's previous owner may have disappeared under mysterious circumstances, but we're sure the bloody handprint is completely unrelated. Sip your beverages in style and rock the horror movie look wherever you are!

  • 7. Furday The Purrteenth Greet Tin Card

    Every Friday the 13th a mysterious meowing fills the air around Camp Crystal Lake… If your love of horror classics is matched only by your love of cats, this quirky kitty is sure to make the 'purrfect' addition to your collection.

  • 8. Psycho Penguin Chop Chop Glass Chopping Board

    Who says only humans can be insane? This bird is ready to go wing to wing with any killer you can throw at him! Time to chop your way through your meal prep with the help of Psycho Penguin…

  • 9. IT Pennywise Evil Flip 3D Lenticular Poster

    Hiya Georgie… want a balloon? If your idea of creepy is a horrifying monster-clown from outer space, then look no further. Whether you're a member of the Loser's club, or just fancy yourself a trip down to Derry, this lenticular poster will have you glancing over your shoulder wherever you may go.

  • 10. The Horror Green Neon Mug

    Tired of playing the victim? Become 'The Horror'! If you find yourself siding with the serial killers and the monsters in your fav horror flicks, there's no better way to join their ranks than over your morning cuppa…

  • 11. Friday the 13th - Jason Pop Art Men's Black T-Shirt

    If 'black' isn't really your thing, fear not, you can still get your horror on! Bringing a Popart spin to the frightful Jason, this tee is sure to have you itching for a visit to Camp Crystal lake in no time - just watch out for any stray machetes…

  • 12. Spawn From Hell Graphite Grey Tote Bag

    Carry your creepy kit around with you and take your rightful place as a 'Spawn from Hell'! Whether you fancy yourself the villain of your story, or simply love the retro look, this quirky tote is a sure-fire way to earn your place in the afterlife.