Our favourite eco-friendly home fragrance products

Alternative burners & sustainable wax melts

Get that new home feeling and spritz up your living space with the help of this delightfully scented collection!

We've searched high and low, and put together a selection of our fav sustainable home fragrances, so if you're all for eco-friendly living and a fabulously fragrant home, this handy list is just for you. Now let's take a sniff…

  • 1. Lisa Parker Hubble Bubble Cats - Set of 9 Handmade Soya Wax Melts

    Hubble bubble, toil and trouble - something magical is a' brewing! Perfect for witches of any calibre, these soothing wax melts will have your home feeling like an enchanted forest in no time.

  • 2. Talking Board Spell Candle Holder

    Bring the essence of the other side into any room with this mystical Ouija planchette candle holder - perfect for burning a spell candle of your choice! A great addition to any dark and mysterious aesthetic, this ghostly ornament is sure to help bewitch any otherworldly visitors to your home.

  • 3. Black Cat Oil Burner

    The purrfect way to release the delicious fragrance of your favourite wax melts or essential oils, the soothing glow of a candle from this cat themed oil burner will have you snuggling down in ambient comfort all evening long.

  • 4. Blessed Bee White Beeswax Spell Candles - Peace & Happiness

    Infuse your home with the essence of peace and happiness and you're sure to achieve an enlightened state. Perfect for any eco-conscious spell caster, these white spell candles are great for protecting your witchy abode from malevolent spirits and negative energy.

  • 4. Triple Moon Spell Candle Holder

    Invoke the goddess and practice your aromatherapy in style with this gothic candle holder! Great for any aspiring witch, this lunar themed design is sure to have you delving into pagan tradition in no time.

  • 6. Skulls & Roses - Set of 9 Handmade Soya Wax Melts

    Ring a ring a roses… embrace your inner smell connoisseur and introduce a deliciously tempting array of scents into your living space with this luxurious soya set. Perfect for any indecisive homeowner, this collection comes with three mouth-watering scents, so why not mix it up?

  • 7. Love Potion Gothic Eco Soy Wax Melt

    Reignite your passion and fall in love with these mystical wax melts. Perfect for any closet romantic, this potent scent will have your household falling head over heels for eco-friendly fragrance.

  • 8. Blessed Bee Green Beeswax Spell Candles - Luck & Vitality

    Turn your luck around with the help of these magical spell candles! Made of beeswax, these stylish green candles will bless you with enriched vitality and the knowledge that you're doing your part for the environment. Buzz buzz!

  • 9. Black Cauldron Cut Out Oil Burner

    Brew up a volatile potion and fill your home with mystical incense using this cauldron themed oil burner. No matter your brand of devilry, this cauldron is close at hand to release an essence of your choice - eye of newt, wing of bat, vanilla ice-cream - the choice is yours!