Magical Harry Potter gift ideas for adults

Gifts for grown up Wizards and Witches

Accio great gift ideas! With a wave of our mystical Grindstore wand, we've summoned these 6 great Christmas gifts, just for you!

22 (!!) years ago, J. K. Rowling published the first epic book in the legendary Harry Potter series, and ever since, generations of budding witches and wizards have been obsessed with the magical world, desperate to escape their mundane muggle lives.

If that sounds familiar, we feel you; we're still waiting for our letters too. In the meantime, we've been filling our time collecting all the very best HP merch, so come fellow Potterheads, take a look at our magical wares.

  • 1. Spiral Harry Potter Dementor Men's Black T-Shirt

    Do you feel that? There’s an extra icy chill in the air… have your Patronus at the ready, the frightful Dementors are coming! Probably one of the creepiest and most horrifying creatures in the Potterverse, the Azkaban dwelling Dementors can be stopped only by the sheer force of joy – and maybe Christmas cheer, too.

  • 2. Harry Potter Divination Tea For One Set

    Glance into the future and see your upcoming Xmas presents with this mystical divination tea set! Make Prof. Trelawney proud as you seek out the grim in your morning cuppa, just keep an eye out for any giant black dogs peering out from under the Christmas tree…

  • 3. Harry Potter 2020 Square Calendar

    Magic your way through the New Year with this handy calendar! With all your favourite Potterverse characters, from Sirius Black to Luna Lovegood, each new month will bring that little drop of magic to your days whether you’re exploring Hogsmeade or chilling with a hot butterbeer on the sofa. It may be muggle made, but we could swear we sometimes see the pictures move…

  • 4. Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion Mini Cauldron Double Handled Mug

    Take a sip and become… whoever you like! With the magic essence of polyjuice potion, you can reinvent yourself over your morning brew, rock your own lightning bolt scar or even take over the world (ok, calm down Voldemort...). Perfect for staving off the chilly festive weather, this bubbling cauldron is sure to keep your hands toasty and your face changing.

  • 5. Harry Potter Slytherin Storage Box

    Need somewhere to stash all your awesome Harry Potter Christmas prezzies? Look no further! Perfect for those sorted into Slytherin, this house pride box is great for storing secrets, and perhaps if you ask nicely, Hermione will charm it with the undetectable extension charm, just for you.

  • 6. Harry Potter 2 Pack Men's Socks

    Want utility in your HP swag? We gotcha – introducing these super comfy, super warm school pride socks! What better way to show your love for (the best) wizarding school, Hogwarts, than with some stylish apparel? No matter if you’re Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, these socks are a great parcel to find under any Christmas tree!