Accio Harry Potter Merchandise!

Magical Apparel & Gifts for Hogwarts students

Witches, Wizards, Muggles and Squibs - this is your unofficial Hogwarts acceptance letter. If you've already got your owl and you've perfected your 'swish and flick', then all that's left is to load your trunk with school supplies.

Whether you're brave like Harry, loyal like a Weasley, or intelligent like Hermione, our impressive collection of Harry Potter apparel & gifts will let you live out your Potter-based fantasies!

No need to travel to Diagon Alley for the essentials, we've got everything covered (bar the Butter Beer!) Wands at the ready, and check out our favourite pieces and latest arrivals from the Wizarding World…

  • 1. Harry Potter Shoulder Bag with Patches

    Tuck your wand safely away for a day of fun at Hogsmeade with this super cute shoulder bag. Stamped with patches from Hogwarts and Platform 9 ¾, this clutch looks just like Harry's school trunk, but is conveniently smaller in size.

  • 2. Harry Potter Chibi Art Backpack

    It would appear that a Chibi Charm has been placed over our favourite characters! Complete with iconic elements including the Hogwarts Express and Harry’s lightning bolt scar, this montage of magic sees the likes of Dobby the House Elf, Draco, Hedwig, Hagrid, and the troublesome trio.

  • 3. Harry Potter Dark Arts Snake Men's Grey T-Shirt

    Call upon the Dark Lord and wear your Dark Mark with pride. Featuring the enchanted tattoo gifted to Voldemort's following of Death Eater's, this sinister symbol sees a serpent snaking through a human skull. Dare you speak his name…?

  • 4. Harry Potter Spells Enamel Pin Badge Set

    Secure these enamel pins to your Hogwarts robes and you're guaranteed an Outstanding in your Ordinary Wizarding Levels. Featuring four powerful charms, including the Patronus creating spell and the mind-erasing 'Obliviate', these pins are as stylish as they are magical.

  • 5. Harry Potter Nargles Ladies White T-Shirt

    Adorn your Butterbeer cork necklace and your Spectrespecs, it's time to locate your missing shoes! Known for dwelling in mistletoe, the mischievous Nargles are always up to no good! Show your love for the 'loony' Ravenclaw student Luna Lovegood with this adorable t-shirt.

  • 6. Harry Potter Quidditch Rucksack

    You've made it, you're Team Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team! Be prepared for every match with this faux leather and canvas backpack. Big enough for a Quaffle and decorated in the House colours whilst depicting two crossed Broomsticks, this epic bag is finished off with two pins of a Golden Snitch and three golden goal hoops.

  • 7. Harry Potter Hogwarts Varsity Umbrella

    Caught out in the rain without a protective enchantment? Well, it's not like we're allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts, so this black and white umbrella is the best alternative! Perfect for those wet and wild visits to see the Weasley family at The Burrow.

  • 8. Harry Potter Horcrux Socks

    Take a leaf out of Tom Riddle's book (ideally not his Diary) and harness eternal life with these Horcrux socks! Depicting all seven tokens, from the Chamber of Secret's dwelling Basilisk snake, to Marvolo's Resurrection Stone ring, all the way through to The Boy Who Lived.

  • 9. Harry Potter Death Eater Metallic Mug

    Do you turn into a bit of a Death Eater without your morning coffee? You don't need to follow He Who Must Not Be Named to appreciate the magic of this metallic mug, but owning one will certainly get you noticed within the pure-blood Malfoy household.