Harry Potter Gifts for Kids of all Ages!

Hogwarts, Harry and Horcrux related gifts & games for witches and wizards!

Cast a magical charm over Christmas this year with our huge range of official merchandise from the world of Harry Potter!

No need to Apparate to Diagon Alley, we’ve got everything on your Wish List covered: From Christmas Jumpers to playing cards, Quidditch apparel to cute collectables!

So put yer feet up, grab a warming mug of Butterbeer, and tick off some essentials from your Christmas List!

  • 1. Harry Potter 2019 Official Square Wall Calendar

    Prepare yourself for a New Year filled with magic, witches, wizards & more! Featuring 12 portraits of your favourite characters. Wands at the ready, this calendar is about to help you get Sirius-ly organised.

  • 2. Harry Potter Solemnly Swear Men's Hoodie

    For the Wizard who follows in the naughty footsteps of Fred and George Weasley, this grey hoodie will grant the wearer access to The Marauder’s Map! Just say the magic words printed on the back… I solemnly swear I am up to no good…

  • 3. Harry Potter Ravenclaw Scarf

    Knowledge, wit and wisdom are the most important qualities for any Ravenclaw. Any faithful student from Rowena Ravenclaw’s House would love to snuggle up and fight the winter chill with this authentic, stripy scarf.

  • 4. Harry Potter H For Hogwarts Latte Mug

    The perfect present for those who graduated Hogwarts with flying colours! A black and white Alumni latte mug fit for all top-notch students. Crack open the Pumpkin Juice and celebrate!

  • 5. Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Chibi Keyring

    Keep those Wrackspurts and pesky Nargles away with the assistance of Ravenclaw witch Luna Lovegood. Donning her infamous spectrespecs, this chibi keyring will definitely look after any important keys and belongings.

  • 6. Harry Potter Slytherin Festival Bracelets

    A fantastic stocking filler for any cunning and ambitious Slytherin! Featuring the House colours of green, black and white, as well as the Dark Mark and the Killing Curse “Avada Kedavra". Voldemort and Bellatrix would be proud.

  • 7. Harry Potter Gryffindor Knee High Ladies Socks

    Whether she’s on or off the Quidditch pitch, these knee high socks are the perfect winter accessory for any Gryffindor girl! Perfect for your enchanted girlfriend, supernatural sister, or brave best friend!

  • 8. Harry Potter Sorted Hufflepuff Men's Black T Shirt

    For the Witch or Wizard who values hard work, patience and loyalty, this t-shirt will let them proudly display their House colours! The Sorting Hat has spoken, you belong with Helga Hufflepuff!

  • 9. Harry Potter House Crests Bumper Stationery Set

    Ace any magical homework assignment with this awesome Stationery Set, complete with colouring pencils, ruler, pencil case, eraser, ballpoint pen, sharpener, pencil and exercise book!

  • 10. Harry Potter House Crests Coaster Set

    For all house-proud Muggles, Squibs or Magical Folk, these coasters see the four house crests in all their glory! You can’t go wrong with a gift for the home, especially when it’s Harry Potter related.

  • 11. Harry Potter Hogwarts Colour Change Water Glass

    Fit for The Great Hall itself, this colour changing glass is overflowing with magical qualities! A goblet fit for the finest Potterheads. We’re pretty sure they have these in The Three Broomsticks pub!

  • 12. Harry Potter Playing Cards

    Relive those favourite movie moments from the Wizarding World and join Harry, Ron and Hermione for a game of rummy, go-fish or snap! Accio winnings!