Scare in style with our indoor Halloween decorations

Spooky décor and ornaments for your home

Too early for Halloween? Never!

If you can't wait to get your skeletons out of the closet this year, we have a treat for you! We've put together our top 9 spooktacular Halloween decorations just for you - so whether you're supplementing your kitchenware or perhaps just looking for some awesome new décor, we have you covered.

  • 1. Alchemy Pumpkin Skull Pot

    If you're king or queen of the pumpkins, this grinning jewellery pot is sure to be a great addition to your Halloween collection! Ideal for storing you precious keepsakes, this jack' o lantern will keep your goodies safe from harm all year round.

  • 2. Welcome Foolish Mortals Mini Hanging Tin Sign

    Enter if you dare! Invite unsuspecting friends, family, and trick or treaters to come forth and enter your realm. Whether you're feeling immortal or just want to warn others away from your lair, this tin sign is a great way to get the Halloween spirit going this year.

  • 3. Spite Ornamental Cat

    Bring yourself peace of mind and hire this handy familiar to guard your home! Perfect for cat lovers with a gothic aesthetic, this grouchy kitty is sure to scare off any spirits or demons trying to creep into your home and steal your sweets.

  • 4. My Blood Type Is Tea Orange Neon Mug

    The creepiest blood type of all… tea! Start your day the right way and sip your morning brew with a Halloween-y twist using this eerie neon mug.

  • 5. Lucky Black Cat Ornament

    A little luck never hurts… invite this lucky black moggy into your home and good things are sure to come your way on Halloween and beyond! After all, who says spooky ornaments have to be scary?

  • 6. The Overlook Hotel Slim Tin Sign

    Send yourself over the edge with the help of this iconic tin sign - perfect for scaring away any unwanted house guests! Disclaimer - any scribblings of 'Redrum' around your home may be the work of ghouls and ghosts, ignore them at your own risk…

  • 7. Black and White Spirit Board with Planchette

    Does it get any spookier than a séance? If you're itching to get in touch with the other side, this eerie spirit board is just the ticket. Just make sure you abide by the Ouija rules, lest the denizens of the underworld come to claim you as one of their own…

  • 8. Luna Lakota Formal Man Skeleton Plaque

    Bring a little class to your Halloween decor this year with the help of this distinguished gentleman. Skeletons need not wear rags - suave is the new scary.

  • 9. My Black Heart Bleeds Goblet

    If your dark heart bleeds for the return of the spookiest time of year, we have you covered. The perfect prop for your kitchen of horrors, this dramatic goblet is sure to spark conversation this All-Hallows Eve.