Gothic T-Shirts & Gifts from Deadly Tarot

6 Magical Pieces of Cartomancy from Deadly Tarot

Seeking the astrological assistance of some other-worldly divination? Looking for answers to burning questions? Hoping to align your Chakras in order to heal and improve your inner self? Or simply looking for a gothic new addition to your wardrobe? Even if you don’t know how to read Tarot Cards, the magic held within this assortment of clothing, home décor & gifts will immerse your world in the occult.

Settle your soul and let Deadly Tarot reveal what you want most, your deepest fears, what the future holds, and even what could be holding you back… Inspired by the Major Arcana, 22 trump cards that each depict a scene and hold a different spiritual symbolism, this collection will uncover your fortune and add some transcendence to your attire.

  • 1. Deadly Tarot - The High Priestess Ladies Premium Black T-Shirt

    Empower yourself with the strength of The High Priestess. Giving the reader the chance to access your inner knowledge, this card will guide you to a higher state of intuition and self-awareness. An inspiring card that makes an impressive fashion statement.

  • 2. Deadly Tarot - Death, The Devil & The Hermit Small Tin Sign Set

    Take your destiny into your own hands with the help of The Devil, The Hermit and Death – three of the Major Arcana cards. Filled with gothic imagery - including pentagrams, skulls and satanic symbols – these small tin signs will add a touch of black magic to any home.

  • 3. Deadly Tarot - The Chariot Black Tote Bag

    The Chariot is a card that encourages and strengthens, confirming the decisions made and inferring success is in your future. Give yourself the power of The Chariot in your day-to-day life with this reusable tote bag, perfect for everything from school to shopping trips.

  • 4. Deadly Tarot The Lovers Black Wooden Framed Print

    For the hopeless romantics among us, take your love to the grave with this beautifully dark framed print. Under the watchful gaze of a heavenly angel, two lovers share eternity staring into each other’s eye (sockets…). This is one gift that will ensure an everlasting romance!

  • 5. Deadly Tarot - The Fool Men's Heather Black Denim T-Shirt

    Taking the world in his stride as he explores in the sun, The Fool remains blissfully unaware of what’s to come. Alluding to new beginnings, chance and potential, this tarot card will encourage you to take that leap of faith into the unknown.

  • 6. Deadly Tarot Temperance Black A5 Hard Cover Notebook

    Let the Temperance card enrich your days with a sense of balance and purpose with every list you make and note you take. Asking you to remain calm when things get stressful, this peaceful angel will encourage you to find your inner harmony – and maybe help with your writing.