Christmas stocking fillers under £5

Budget friendly gift ideas for him or her

It’s that time of year again! As if a heap of gifts under the tree wasn’t enough, somebody thought having a stocking to stuff full of gifts was a great idea as well. Finding suitable knick-knacks to fit inside a glorified sock is always a challenge but fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t give up and hit the mulled wine just yet, we’ve got a handy list right here to help you stock up on a budget, so you can save the day without taking out a loan.

  • 1. Cockney Spaniel W Anchor Men's Novelty Socks

    A nice personal touch, or is it going too far? Nah, these W Anchor socks are a great way to get in your gag gift and they’re bound to find them amusing. You might have made a ‘no socks’ policy this year, but we think these bad boys are a hilarious exception.

  • 2. Burn Book Pink A6 Hard Cover Notebook

    So fetch, right? Give a little chorus of ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ as you dish this one out, any fan of cult chic flicks is bound to love this cute notebook. Perfect for writing down thoughts that couldn’t possibly be said out loud and a great way to make sure your picture doesn’t end up in the book!

  • 3. Star Wars Chewbacca Coconut Extract Sheet Face Mask

    If that Wookiee face of theirs needs a bit of pampering then treat them to a cheeky face mask to reveal their beauty, ready for the New Year. We don’t recommend being around when they use this face mask as it can cause quite a shock! - A fun little stocking filler for Star Wars gals though (or guys!).

  • 4. Psycho Penguin Not A Morning Person Mug

    Ain’t got time for that Christmas Eve box palaver? Make sure your loved one has still got a little something to open the night before with this attitude fuelled mug. If it’s unlikely that they’ll be awake first thing in the morning to open presents, let Psycho Penguin give them a kick up the ‘ahem with their cup of tea or coffee.

  • 5. Deadly Detox Cyanide Red Bottle Bag

    If opening your stocking first has become a Christmas tradition then this gift could be a hint about what’s to come! (Oops no, we don’t mean the cyanide…) Match this little bag with a bottle of the good stuff on Xmas day and watch them enjoy their deadly poison.

  • 6. I Hate People Mini Bar Blade Bottle Opener

    For the one who probably won’t be making an appearance at the dinner table for their pigs in blankets, this introvert would much rather tuck into the turkey and mulled cider in the company of, well, themselves. Make sure they’re happy and are able to keep the booze flowing with this little tool which pretty much sums up their view on the rest of us!