Our Top 9 unique gifts for Gamers

Cool merch for video game fanatics

The clock is ticking – Christmas is coming! So the question is what do you buy for all your hard-core gamer pals this year? Yes, a new console or gadget is a safe bet, but why not shake things up (and save your pennies!) with this list of awesome geek and Gaming Gifts? You won’t regret it!

Whether your pals fancy themselves as Pokemon trainers, wasteland survivors or alien blasters, we’ve got you covered - after all, nothing says Merry Christmas like a thoughtful reminder of what they could be doing instead…

  • 1. Pokémon Pikachu Plush Snapback

    What better way to start a list of epic gamer gifts than with a totally sweet Pikachu hat? Perfect for anyone with a passion for collecting little critters, this radical Pokémon cap brings Pikachu’s iconic style to life – and let’s be real, that’s all the kid in us ever wanted. Forget Santa hats, Pokemon caps are the way forward for any gaming enthusiast.

  • 2. Fallout Playing Cards

    Xmas is a time for family gatherings; good food and Nuka Cola… so why not use this to your advantage and play some poker (or Caravan) just like in the good old days of the nuclear apocalypse? The perfect goodie for any vault dweller, chosen one, lone wanderer, courier or sole survivor, this vintage card deck will have you itching to go back and play with those coveted and oh-so satisfying mini nukes… Merry Christmas!

  • 3. Minecraft 2020 Square Calendar

    We’re not addicted to Minecraft, honest! Ok, so maybe we are, but for good reason – the unique cubic world is full of secrets for explorers to find, and we’re still trying to get those diamonds (curse you lava lakes!). A great gift for any aspiring virtual builder or man named Steve, this nifty calendar will bring on waves of nostalgia with nods to fan favourite classic games whilst simultaneously reminding you to keep an eye out for lurking creepers… sssssss…

  • 4. Super Mario Bumper Premium Gift Set

    It’s-a me, Mario (and friends)! A must have for the discerning lover of classic games, this colourful set features all the fan favourites from the Super Mario Bros. franchise, from Yoshi to Baby Bowser, making it a fabulously thoughtful gift for any Nintendo loving gamer - whether they are a Mario Kart racer or haunted mansion seeker! Ho ho uh-oh... watch out for that Goomba!

  • 5. Crash Bandicoot (Extra Life Crate) Doormat

    The perfect mix of utility and gaming awesomeness, this Crash Bandicoot door mat makes an ideal Yuletide gift for any lover of Wumpa fruit – and don’t lie, we know you want to try it too (let’s face it, who doesn’t?). With the release of Crash Bandicoot remastered, we can all enjoy a refreshed passion for dodging boulders and smashing crates... so give your mates the gift of an extra life, and watch that gratitude roll in.

  • 6. Level 1 Human Black Baby Grow

    We all start out small, weak with terrible stats – it’s a fact of life. Through years of training fighting sewer rats, trolls and maybe even fearsome dragons, anyone can become a mighty dungeon master… but for now, deck out their (adorable) puny style with this strangely accurate baby grow. A great gift for any future gaming addict!

  • 7. Space Invaders Neon Colors Crew Socks

    Pew pew pew… destroy the alien menace in vibrant style with these rocking Space Invader socks! Perfect for any gamer passionate about classic Atari games, these stylish socks make a great stocking filler this Chrimbo, without blasting into your wallet… winner winner, Christmas dinner!

  • 8. Gaymer Mug & Coaster Set

    Grab a pride inspired rainbow gift that will make any LGBTQ gamer pal proud! This vibrant mug and coaster set is a great way to share your passion for games whilst sipping eggnog and features a nod to retro games with its pixelated style, great for lovers of classic games or modern indie adventures.

  • 9. Gamer At Work Backpack

    Gaming is a serious business, as any video game enthusiast (or anyone with gamer friends and family) knows. Help avoid those inopportune interruptions with this eye-catching backpack. Sporting an iconic ‘hazardous’ design, this backpack warns that a gamer is at work (and they’re probably on the final boss) – so go back to your Christmas pud and ‘socialising’ and come back later!