Ideal gifts for your cat-obsessed friend

Our best presents for cat lovers

Meowww, it's time to get your claws into some purrfectly feline goodies!

What better way to spoil your pals (or yourself) than with some awesome cat-themed gifts? Whether you rock the gothic look or love all things cute and kawaii, these kitties have your back. So come on, let's give the catnip a swirl and take a look at what it’s conjured up…

  • 1. I Don't Snore I Purr Ladies Long Candy Stripe Pyjama Set In A Bag

    Everyone knows cats are far too sophisticated for snoring… If you put yourself in the same superior category as your feline friends, this adorable PJ set is sure to set the record straight! Besides, are snoring and purring really all that different?

  • 2. Spiral Bat Cat Black Cushion

    This gothic cutie is sure to be a great match for anyone rocking an alternative aesthetic! With bat wings and fangs abound, this little vampire kitten is here to guard your home from any lurking supernatural threats (with the help of your ever-loyal house cats, of course!).

  • 3. Celestial Kitten Enamel Mug

    Ascend to a higher plane with the help of this all knowing kitty! Empowered by the celestial, this moon themed mug will guarantee that your cuppa remains cat hair free… only joking, but it will add a touch of lunar magic to your morning brew.

  • 4. Cat Adjustable Face Mask

    Unleash your inner animal with the help of this eye-catching cat face mask! Debating sticking with a boring face covering? You've got to be kitten me… Staying safe has never been so cute!

  • 5. Furday The Purrteenth Greet Tin Card

    Not all kitties are the cuddly type… if you or your friends have a passion for horror movies, this nifty tin sign is surely the pick for you! But beware, some say that on the night of Friday the 13th something fearsome meows in the night…

  • 6. Hocus Pocus Glass Spirit Board Table by Lisa Parker

    They say that cats can commune with the spirits, and now you can too! This handy spirit board table is a sure-fire way to bring a little supernatural magic to your night in… prepare yourself for some ghostly purring!

  • 7. Deadly Tarot Felis The Lovers Cream A5 Hard Cover Notebook

    The perfect place to write your love notes and sweet nothings, this adorable little notebook makes the ideal gift for the love of your life! Forget the usual dull and drab notepads, this kitten themed design is sure to win the heart of any cat-lover.

  • 8. There'd Better Be Cats Ladies Premium Black T-Shirt

    Show your introvert pals just how much you care with the help of this gothic tee! Legend has it that the owner of this shirt can be charmed out of hiding with the promise of new feline friends…

  • 9. Pusheen (Toys for Cats) Maxi Poster

    Informative and oh-so adorable, you can count on Pusheen for a good laugh! The perfect present for anyone with a cheeky sense of humour, this paw-some poster is sure to elicit some chuckles (or purrs) from your house guests.