Official Game of Thrones Gear for the Series Finale!

Fight for the Throne & grab the best merch!

Has your heart been calling out for Westeros? Are you eager to get back to the battle at hand, or join the Night's Watch in guarding The Wall? Are you worried your pet dragons might be a tad hungry after such a long break…?

We don't know about you guys, but we've been on the edge of our seats waiting for Season 8 ever since the last (epic) season finale. With a distinct lack of dragons, blood-lust, and Jon Snow, the real world really isn't cutting it right now.

So to ease the pain, we've rounded up some of our favourite t-shirts, memorabilia and collectables from HBO's legendary TV series. Feast your eyes and brace yourselves…

  • 1. Game Of Thrones Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion Dragon Egg Shot Glasses

    From the Magister Illyrio Mopatis, these stunning shot glasses are each a replica of the three eggs gifted to Daenerys herself. Encased beautifully in a silk lined wooden box, this collection is fit for any Mother of Dragons.

  • 2. Game Of Thrones I Am The Sword Men's Charcoal T-Shirt

    I am the sword in the darkness, and damn do I dress well! Straight from the Night's Watch guarding The Wall, this tee sees the infamous Direwolf crest of House Stark. If you've taken your oath and want to brag about it, this is the piece of merch for you.

  • 3. Game Of Thrones I Drink & I Know Things Hip Flask

    Even though we never saw Tyrion sipping from this hipflask in the show, we're 99% sure he'd own one of these if he could! Featuring one of his classic lines from the series, this black flask is ideal for adventures that require a touch of tipple!

  • 4. Game Of Thrones Khaleesi Make-Up Bag

    As a Khaleesi, you may struggle to find the time for some self-care & pampering, what with the dragon rearing and people pleasing. Make sure you are prepared for anything the wife of a Khal will face, with this cream and gold cosmetics bag. Fit for any Dothraki beauty set to travel across the great grass seas.

  • 5. Game Of Thrones Ice Dragon Men's Black T-Shirt

    Once a fiery beacon of strength for House Targaryen, the three-headed dragon sigil now burns blue with the ice of the Night King. With only two dragons left at her disposal, how will Daenerys take down the master of the Wights? This t-shirt doesn't have any answers, but it does look pretty rad.

  • 6. Game Of Thrones The Seven Kingdoms Tankard

    Etched with the traditional map of Westeros, this impressive tankard is the perfect vessel for anyone who drinks and knows things. Take a break from fighting for the Throne with an ice cold brew!

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