Funny St. Patrick's Day Tops

Best t-shirt picks for St. Paddy's

Grab your pint glasses and beer goggles, St. Paddy's day is nearly here! If you're itching to join in the festivities this year, we have a treat for you…

In true St. Patrick's Day spirit, we have everything from cutesy to potty-mouthed and it wouldn't be a Grindstore top 6 without some pop culture references! What are you waiting for? Let's take a peek at the end of the rainbow…

  • 1. Sham Rock Ladies Green T-Shirt

    Not every St. Patty's fan is passionate about traditional Irish folk music – fear not, it's time to sham-ROCK! Is there really any better way to celebrate your way through the day than with alcohol and rock music? We think not!

  • 2. St Patrick's Day Billie Irish Men's Black T-Shirt

    If you often find yourself feeling like a bit of a ‘bad guy' the morning after, this tee is just for you! Perfect for pop fans, this leprechaun themed tee will have you forgetting your sore head in no time.

  • 3. St Patrick's Day Feckin' Eejit Men's Green T-Shirt

    Not all culture is refined – label yourself (or those around you) as a ‘Feckin' Eejit' with this oh-so green tee. Paddy himself may have been saintly – but we're sure he wasn't above the odd obscenity!

  • 4. St Patrick's Day Shimmy That Shamrock Ladies Grey Crop Top

    Surrounded by your mates, alcohol in hand, it's time to dance the night away! Shimmy what your shamrock gave you with cheeky crop – perfect for any self-confessed dancing queen this St. Paddy's day!

  • 5. St Patrick Men's Black T-Shirt

    All hail the mighty St. Patrick – no, not that one! Forget epic quests of serpent slaying, this ‘saint' is much better known for his adventures into the unknown and training our favourite mutant heroes – here's to Patty's, new and old!

  • 6. St Patrick's Day Shake Your Shamrocks Ladies Green T-Shirt

    Our friend the 5th century saint may not have been able to shake his shamrocks on the regular, but don't let that hold you back – it's not over ‘till it's clover!