The One With The Best Gifts for Friends Fans!

Perfect present ideas for lovers of the Central Perk gang!

Dominating our TV screens since 1994, American sitcom Friends has become one of the most pivotal television shows of a generation. Overflowing with heart-warming nostalgia, iconic characters and classic comedy, we’ve all got a soft-spot for Friends.

Don’t be a Chandler this Christmas (a donation to the New York Ballet isn’t a great gift) – and be sure to get them something they’ll love. For bonus points, we recommend sending the Holiday Armadillo along too, for good measure.

So, whether they most relate to Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel or Phoebe, we’re sure to have the ideal present for any fan of the epic 90’s TV show. Get ready to shake your belly like a bowl full of jelly, here come our top picks…

  • 1. Friends Fountain Ladies White T-Shirt

    For the girl who’s always dreamt of splashing around in the famous Friends fountain, this graphic t-shirt is a fun way to make a statement! You can almost hear the theme tune… “I’ll be there for you!”

  • 2. Jouets Poster - As Seen On Friends

    Make any room feel just like Monica's purple apartment with this Jouets poster! Next stop, Central Perk for a coffee with Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler! (Try to avoid Gunther…)

  • 3. Friends Trivial Pursuit Board Game

    Test their knowledge on all things Friends with the classic family favourite board game! Endless fun for the holiday season for all the troops - have you seen The One Where They Played Trivial Pursuit?

  • 4. Friends How you Doin' Mug

    In the immortal words of Joey Tribbiani – “How you doin’?” For the Friends fanatic who has a weakness for ladies man Joey, this mug will let them express their flirtatious side with every cuppa!

  • 5. Friends 2019 Official Calendar

    Let them live every day of the New Year like an episode of their favourite TV show. Featuring stills from the sitcom alongside hilarious quotes, this calendar will have them laughing all year long.

  • 6. Friends Coaster Set

    If they’re a bit of a Monica, these coasters are the ultimate present. No more of those dreaded ring marks on any surfaces in the home!