Cool Father's Day Gifts for Awesome Dads!

The best gift ideas for your old man!

Ah, Father's day – the day you get to pay your dad back for all those fond childhood memories. Remember learning to ride your bike? Fall off, injure yourself, repeat – thanks Dad. But it's that tough love that got you to where you are today – and that surely deserves a thank you!

This Father's day, get him something that really shouts 'Hey dad, thanks for showing me how to do dad stuff'. Whether your dad is a gaming pro, mechanic extraordinaire or just loves a good beer, our huge range of Gifts for Him is sure to satiate even the pickiest of dads!

  • 1. Gas Monkey Custom Hot Rods Men's Red T-Shirt

    Feeling fast n' loud? Sure you are! This brightly coloured tee is an ode to the American reality show of the same name. I mean, does it get more 'dad' than fast hot rods, mechanics and good ol' Texas drama? Perfect for dads that love their cars (but not more than you, right?)

  • 2. AC/DC Hells Bells Hip Flask

    It's time to come back in black – (and orange), with this official AC/DC flask gift box! Featuring Hells Bells, this hip flask definitely lives up to its name. We all like to think of our dads as the type to sit in the armchair and puff on a pipe, but the truth is they love shots just as much as we do! Quench your fiery thirst with the 'Voltage' and 'Back in Black' glasses included in this set. Perfect for all those dads who were hip back in the 80's… Or just have great taste in music!

  • 3. Dad Definition Mug

    Let's face it... There's a lot of truth to this mug. Featuring the official* definition of 'Dad' as seen in the English dictionary. So this year, let's tell dad to shove his whining, and show him that he can get expensive jewellery another mug too! Honestly, who doesn't love a good beverage holder anyway? This mug can hold tea, coffee, beer... Father's Day, sorted! *We can't confirm this is the official definition.

  • 4. Gameboy Classic Collection Coaster Set

    Want to make Dad feel nostalgic? Look no further than this coaster set! Featuring all the classic Gameboy favourites; Donkey Kong, Zelda and Mario, this set is sure to not only hold your mugs with style during your afternoon tea sesh, but also bring on flashbacks to the incredibly awesome, incredibly cheesy 80's Gameboy ads... What a roller-coaster!

  • 5. Open Here Bottle Opener

    The everlasting classic beer- beer opener, how un-beer-lievably meta! We don't recommend you pull a cheeky one and pretend there is any way you can actually drink from this bottle opener, that's just hilariously mean. Perfect for mounting on the wall of the man-cave, this opener is sure to put a smile on your father's face – after all, who doesn't love a refreshingly cool beer (even if it is wall mountable.)

  • 6. The Rolling Stones Bathrobe

    Has your dad 'got them moves liker Jagger?' Probably not, but don't tell him that. This Rolling Stones bathrobe is perfect for both practising wicked air guitar moves and simply relaxing in the evening (whilst looking very chic in official band merch). Who knows, maybe your gift will inspire dad to start his very own boy band – you might want to talk him out of that, we can't be held accountable for any music related enterprises he chooses to perform!

  • 7. Grumpy Fuckers Club Life Time Member Men's Black T-Shirt

    The cold hard truth is sometimes the only gift you need. And here it is. If your Pa is a miserable old git, then he should be able to wear that fact with pride, and now he can, all thanks to this nifty vintage style tee. Perhaps a little bit of comedy is all he needs to crack that smile – and really, who doesn't love to see their pops crack a grin (especially if they're a grumpy fucker).

  • 8. I Love You 3000 Mug

    If you're feeling a bit sentimental this father's day, we got you. Who says you need to write poetry or deeply meaningful cards? There's no need for an essay - four words say it all (even if one of them is a number). Now every time your Superhero Dad goes for that coffee he'll be filled with a warm fuzzy feeling, and it might not just be the caffeine.

  • 9. Father's Day Papa Beer Men's Black T-Shirt

    We're not suggesting that beer is a Dad thing, but it sort of is... And what better way to celebrate it than a tee meant for the one and only 'papa beer'? Father's day is the perfect time to show just how much you love your dad's insatiable appetite for beer and his crushing bear hugs. Or not. Whatever, we're not judging, but he'll be sure to love the sentiment (and the tee) anyway!