The world's first eco-friendly licensed band tees have landed!

100% recycled tees from some of the biggest names in music

The future of fashion is here… Say hello to our brand new selection of 100% recycled tees!

But how exactly do these stylish shirts come to be? Well, settle in and we'll tell you a story…

  • A bottle, made from PET plastic, is put into the recycling bin
  • This bottle, along with many like it, are sorted in the recycling centre and sent across to a PET reclamation facility
  • In the reclamation facility, the bottles are ground up into fine flakes and melted down to create molten polyester
  • The liquid polyester is pushed through special plates that turn it into fibres 5x finer than human hair
  • The fibres are then rolled and tangled to form a fine yarn, which is woven into blank shirts. Fun fact: each shirt contains 3 plastic bottles and the waste from 3 cotton shirts
  • The newly made blank T-shirts have their designs printed on them using water-based, environmentally friendly inks (which are free from any nasty toxic chemicals)
  • Your new eco-friendly, 100% recycled shirt is now prepped and ready to be worn - rock on!

  • 1. Slipknot Minneopolis '09 Men's Black 100% Recycled Eco T-Shirt

    Take a trip down memory lane and you’re sure to find yourself rocking out to some of Slipknots most iconic tracks! Celebrating the release of their legendary heavy metal album 'All Hope Is Gone', this environmentally-friendly T-shirt will have you itching to head back to Minneapolis '09 for a mosh pit sesh.

  • 2. Pink Floyd Carnegie '72 Men's Black 100% Recycled Eco T-Shirt

    Anyone fancy a trip to Carnegie Hall? One of Pink Floyd's most iconic gigs, the 1972 concert is a reminder of progressive rock's golden years… and what better way to honour the iconic members of the band, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and David Gilmour than with an eco-friendly homage to their epic performance?

  • 3. Beatles Shea '66 Men's Black 100% Recycled Eco T-Shirt

    The swinging 60’s brought the Beatles to the world stage, and they certainly didn’t disappoint! Show your support for ‘the best band of all time’ with this stylish recycled tee, which features a rendition of the promo poster for their 1966 performance in Shea Stadium, New York City.

  • 4. Kiss Cobo Arena '76 Men's Black 100% Recycled Eco T-Shirt

    The year is 1976, and the little known band KISS are taking their talent to the stage in the Cobo Arena… Own the alternative look and support your fav band in style with this hard-rocking iteration of ethical fashion. After all, are there any concerts more iconic than those where Simmons, Stanley, Frehley and Criss are tearing up the stage?

  • 5. Black Sabbath Deutsches '73 Men's Black 100% Recycled Eco T-Shirt

    Whether you had the chance to attend one of Black Sabbath’s legendary gigs in person, or just love to take a trip through the music history books, this stylish ‘green’ tee will have you tuning into ‘Iron Man’ and ‘War pigs’ in no time.

  • 6. Johnny Cash Prison Poster '68 Men's Black 100% Recycled Eco T-Shirt

    If you enjoy jamming to the smooth vocals of the one and only Johnny Cash, then this sustainable T-shirt is sure to make a great supplement to your musical merch collection. Featuring the promo artwork for one of his iconic prison concerts in a dark, monochrome style, this tee will have you feeling like ‘the man in black’ in no time.