New range alert! Deadly Tarot: Life

Fun gift ideas for tarot readers

Traditionally, the tarot deck is mysterious, occult and a smidge magical - but who says it has to stay that way?

Great for any fan of the tarot deck, our fun new collection 'Deadly Tarot: Life' brings a relatable spin to the divination table. So whether you're a pizza fan, gaming addict or love nothing more than a rock-fest, this quirky selection is sure to appeal to you!

Shuffle the deck and let’s take a peek into the great beyond…

  • 1. Deadly Tarot Life Pizza, Munchies, Tower & Feast 4 Piece Coaster Set

    Great for any food devotee, this deliciously unique set of coasters is sure to bring a mysterious vibe to any room. The perfect way to encourage your destiny to take a tasty turn and take the edge off your munchies, this set promises zero regrets.

  • 2. Deadly Tarot Life - The Nerd Royal Blue Tote Bag

    Brains, books and a touch of mystery - what more could any nerd wish for? Ideal for any proud academic, this stylish tote bag makes a great place to stash your fav novels and text books when you're on the go. Read on, for your fortune awaits…

  • 3. Deadly Tarot Life - The Gamer Cream A5 Hard Cover Notebook

    Whether your game of choice is on the board or the TV screen, this mysterious notebook is sure to make a great place to store your cheat codes and character stats. Take a step towards your true destiny and divine your way to beating the final boss - all from the comfort of your gaming chair.

  • 4. Deadly Tarot Life - The Rocker Mini Poster

    Rock on and embrace your musical fate with this fiery poster! Whether you consider yourself a musician extraordinaire, or simply find joy in rocking along to the guitar solos of your favourite tunes, your walls are sure to take on a life of their own when decorated with this poster.

  • 5. Deadly Tarot Life - The Pizza Glass Chopping Board

    Every junk food fan knows that nothing hits the spot quite like a slice of cheesy pizza! Prepare your meals whilst basking in the power of this mysterious arcana and the fate of your food is sure to be a good one. Extra pepperoni, anyone?

  • 6. Deadly Tarot Life - The Spirit Tin Sign

    This spirit may not be holy, but it's sure to give you an alcoholic kick! Great for anyone with a passion for shots and other adult drinks, this tin sign promises to give the divine liquid a place of honour in any acolytes home. Praised be!

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