Brand New Collection: Deadly Detox

Venomous treats with a disarming beauty

A body cleanse that will leave you gasping for breath or a refreshing take on these highly toxic substances? This fabulous range is designed for those with unique taste, a dark sense of humour and an ironclad stomach.

Whether you're in search of a tipple to enhance your beauty like Belladonna, or seek to rid yourself of a troublesome werewolf with Wolfsbane, we have a kill or cure concoction for any event.

Join the latest and craziest dieting sensation and start your Deadly Detox today with a collection of striking yet sinister goodies ideal for the alternative consumer…

  • 1. Deadly Detox Chlorine Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    A fatal chemical element or a beautiful array of golden petals and flourishing greenery - you decide! A shining example from our wicked collection, this 'Chlorine' stamped, stainless steel water bottle comes with a handy wrist strap and screw top lid, making this a must have accessory whilst on the go.

  • 2. Deadly Detox Cyanide Enamel Mug

    Although present in fruit stones and pips, it is calculated that it would take approximately 200 apple seeds for a fatal dose of 'Cyanide'! Skip the apple cores and jump straight in with this fabulous enamel mug, patterned with beautiful red blooms and delicate green leaves.

  • 3. Deadly Detox Opium Thermal Travel Mug With Handle

    This intoxicating travel mug comes with a strong thermal casing, secure screw top lid and sturdy handle… Not to mention a beautiful watercolour of red poppies adorned with the word 'Opium'. Feed your addiction and curb those cravings for something dark with this sensational accessory.

  • 4. Deadly Detox Snakeroot Thermal Travel Mug With Handle

    One taste of this powerful plant will leave you trembling for more! Consumed by cattle and grazing animals, this dainty flower was responsible for more deaths on the frontier in the 19th century than any other toxin. Bringing it back to the 21st century, this awesome 'Snakeroot' travel mug makes for a quirky and useful gift, with a secure lid and sturdy handle.

  • 5. Deadly Detox Morphine Circular Glass Chopping Board

    Take the pain away from cooking with this beautiful kitchen accessory. Ideal for making meals and potion preparation, this chopping board will numb any unwanted agony induced by cooking for your hungry friends and family.

  • 6. Deadly Detox Belladonna Enamel Mug

    A thrilling collection of vibrant purple petals and yellow centres, this pretty flower is a sight for large eyes! Considered to be a 'striking appearance', Italian women in the middle ages used the elixir to dilate their pupils, hence the name 'Belladonna'. This sensational enamel mug won't be responsible for a fatal beverage but your eyes will pop at the enchanting, watercolour design.

  • 7. Deadly Detox Arsenic Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    A pastel wash of blue hues and dainty petals can't cover up the lethal caption on this water bottle! A dose of 'Arsenic' and you'll drop dead to get your hands on this marvellous, stainless steel accessory.

  • 8. Deadly Detox Ricin Bar Blade Bottle Opener

    Whether you're wanting to crack open a beer or a lethal concoction, this pretty-in-pink bottle opener will get not only the drinks flowing, but also your evil intentions! Unleash the beast, but stay beautiful at the same time.

  • 9. Deadly Detox Chlorine Ladies White Crop Top

    Sippin' on straight chlorine, let the vibes wash over your wardrobe with this gorgeous crop top. Garlanded with yellow florals and script text, pack some venomous attitude into your look – whilst still looking sweet and innocent!