Our DC Comics Top 6 for Superhero Girls!

Official DC Heroines merch top picks

As Birds of Prey hits cinemas and Harley Quinn is blasted back into the limelight with all the chaos that follows her, we want to honour our DC gals! The DC universe is full of exciting, treacherous, talented and dangerous women and there is no better time to celebrate them!

Whether Harley Quinn is your fave or Wonder Woman is more you, have a look at our DC Heroines merch and get your hands on some unique gifts and accessories.

  • 1. Birds Of Prey Poster Style Men's White T-Shirt

    If the badass clown queen of crime is your ultimate vigilante, grab yourself a Birds of Prey t-shirt. With Harley looking like butter wouldn't melt, you'd never guess the kind of havoc she wreaks!

  • 2. Wonder Woman 1984 (Neon Static) Maxi Poster

    Throw it back to the 80s with this vibrant Wonder Woman poster! The perfect gift for the powerful woman in your life, this poster features Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the upcoming film, Wonder Woman 1984. Channel your inner daughter of Zeus and get your hands on this epic poster today.

  • 3. Wonder Woman Make Up Bag

    You've got to keep your Lasso of Truth somewhere! Why not in this awesome Wonder Woman make up bag? Featuring a golden, glittery logo, it's the perfect place for any DC fan to keep their lipsticks.

  • 4. Harley Quinn Kiss Metallic Mug

    Grab a kiss from Harley Quinn with this striking metallic mug! The bold, bright design makes it a great gift for anyone who has a bit of a crush on Harley. Drink your morning coffee in style, just try not to fall for her charm; she's more dangerous than she looks!

  • 5. Wonder Woman 2 Pack Ladies Socks

    Embrace girl power wearing these novelty socks from DC Comics, they're sure to put a super spring in your step. When people see that iconic Wonder Woman logo sticking out the tops of your shoes, they will know you mean business!

  • 6. DC Originals Catwoman Mug

    Move over Batman, Catwoman is in town! If you can't get enough of this prowling minx then get yourself an original artwork mug. This stylish mug features the iconic DC heroine in her famous feline mask and cape, at home among the rooftops. Drink your morning cuppa in true vintage comic book style!