Top 9 Christmas Jumpers as black as your soul!

Dark designs for an alternative Christmas

For all you goths, witches, warlocks, and horror fanatics, we have compiled a luminous list of Christmas jumpers that will melt your icy heart just in time for the holiday season.

If yuletide cheeriness is ruining your gloomy vibe, these sweaters are sure to make an impression on all those who dare to look.

  • 1. Deadly Tarot Krampus Men's Black Christmas Jumper

    Behold the Krampus—an ancient, Alpine, anthropomorphic figure that helps old Saint Nick scare all those naughty little children at Christmas time. This jumper will let the little ones in your life know that you are not playing around and they will be on their best behaviour.

  • 2. Happy Horrordays Men's Black Christmas Jumper

    A bloody knife, lying in a plasma-stained snow—what could possibly be more festive?! This pixelated horror Xmas jumper is a festive look for those who like computer games and those who are missing Halloween. Even if Christmas isn't your favourite time of the year, this pullover can help balance out all the cheeriness with a bit of gore.

  • 3. Masked Man Men's Black Christmas Jumper

    No spoilers please! But if you're into survival games and REALLY need to survive the holidays, this masked man in a jolly hat is the perfect design for you. Propel yourself to victory with this timely, festive, and triumphant sweater to show off your competitive side, and also let your family know that you are in it to win it.

  • 4. Merry Gothmas Ladies Black Christmas Jumper

    Skulls or snowflakes? A pentagram or the star over Bethlehem? Grandma’s eyesight is really terrible, so she will literally never know. Wear this cute design to visit your folks and send them season’s greetings in the darkest way possible to really vibe with your Goth aesthetic.

  • 5. Oh For Fox Sake It's Christmas Men's Black Christmas Jumper

    This adorable eye-roll of a jumper features our darling fox, decked out in his little Santa hat, wondering why all the shops are blasting 'Jingle Bell Rock' on repeat. If you, like our woodland friend here, are not interested in helping 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' hit number one on the charts for the ten millionth time, this black pullover features just the right amount of holiday merriment.

  • 6. Xmas Ouija Ladies Black Christmas Jumper

    Perfect for summoning the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, this Ouija board design is a clever take on traditional séance communication and the spirit of Noel. Whether naughty or nice, ghost hunters or paranormal enthusiasts will summon up a warm, merry, and bright feeling with this soft and supernatural sweater.

  • 7. Merry Krampus Black Christmas Jumper

    Forget Father Christmas, Krampus is here to kramp everyone's style and make sure that you have a bloody good time making all sorts of rollicking wintertime mischief. Your grandfather may look at you with a disapproving eye, but Krampus gives zero sh**s. He may try and whip you with a birch rod, it's true. But hey! Maybe you're into that sort of thing?

  • 8. Seasons Creepings Men's Black Christmas Jumper

    Look at this cheery, smiling face, framed by gleefully colourful fairy lights. It's not his fault that he happens to be dead. Sporting a Wiccan pentagram on his bony forehead, our deceased friend here is ready to creep his way into our frost bitten hearts and warm us up with some bone-chilling seasonal delight.

  • 9. Psycho Penguin Bah Humbug Men's Black Christmas Jumper

    Get into the Xmas spirit with this music inspired Christmas sack. For those with a love of vinyl and rockin' holiday tunes, this bag is a MUST. Channel the spirit of Santa-Claus as he Ho Ho Ho's his way into our hearts and ears. Perfect for carting along everything needed to DJ at your office Xmas Party or housing those all-important gifts.