Our top 9 picks for book lovers

Quirky gifts for bookworms

What better way to celebrate your love of reading than embracing your inner librarian with some perfectly geeky goodies?

Whether you're a lover of literary heroes & heroines or feel an ever growing urge to move into your local library, there's a brilliantly book themed product waiting for you in our handy list of merch this World Book Day! Pass the time as you eagerly await your book token and take a browse…

  • 1. Punky Pins The Book Was Better Enamel Pin Badge

    True connoisseurs know that the books are always better than the films! If you're passionate about wordplay over screenplay, what better way to accessorise yourself than with this oh-so stylish punky pin?

  • 2. When In Doubt Go To The Library Cream Tote Bag

    When in doubt there's only one place to go… the library, of course! Take a leaf out of your favourite witch's book and surround yourself with calming rows of books in your time of need. Perfect for carrying your fav novels, this tote means your favourite place is never far away!

  • 3. Game Of Thrones White Walker Moulded Mug

    Curl up on the window seat, grab your favourite book and sip your hot chocolate in style with this frightfully intense White Walker mug! George R. R. Martin's fantastical world might be trapped inside the pages of his books, but the Night King isn't…

  • 4. When In Doubt Go To The Library Black Pencil Case

    Not all books are written equal – if you're busy making notes and capturing inspirational quotes from your ultimate reads, this handy pencil case is just for you! After all, is there anything you can't learn from a good book?

  • 5. Harry Potter Hufflepuff Quidditch Team Men's T-Shirt

    Calling all witches and wizards, your uniform is here! Perfect for fans of the legendary Harry Potter book series, this stylish Hufflepuff themed tee will help you rep your favourite Hogwarts house as you go about your spellwork.

  • 6. Game of Thrones Stark & Targaryen Flexi Cover A5 Notebook

    Rock your inner Targaryen with this stylish Game of Thrones notebook! Perfect for fans of the epic fantasy book series (the books are always better), this notebook is great for jotting down your favourite quotes and facts from your chosen stories and textbooks.

  • 7. Harry Potter (House Crests) Unfilled Pencil Case

    Why get sorted into a Hogwarts house when you can support all four? Keep your stationery in order with this magical pencil case, straight from the world of Harry Potter - Accio pencil!

  • 8. The Library Is Open Pink Tote Bag

    Gurrrllll you better werk! If you find yourself acting as your friends living encyclopedia, this hot pink tote bag is just for you. Open the floodgates and unleash your book-powered knowledge with this fierce tote bag declaring 'The Library Is Open'!

  • 9. Go Away I'm Reading Enamel Pin Badge

    There's nothing more annoying than being interrupted in the middle of a particularly juicy chapter – avoid the chatter and distractions with this informative book-powered pin! Ahhh, silence in the library.